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DoDEA Announces 2007 NAEP Writing Results

For Immediate Release — April 8, 2008 | HQ
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ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — April 8, 2008 — Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) eighth grade students scored significantly higher than the national average on writing achievement tests administered by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

The NAEP writing skills assessment was administered to DoDEA students from late January to early March 2007. Eighth grade DoDEA students scored fourth in the nation, surpassed only by their public school counterparts in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. DoDEA's score of 165 represents system-wide participation from its schools domestically and overseas and ranks 11 points higher than the national average of 154.


NAEP 2007 Average Writing Score: Grade 8
Rank State/Jurisdiction Average Scale Score
1 New Jersey 175
2 Connecticut 172
3 Massachusetts 167
4 DoDEA 165
5 Vermont 162
6 Colorado, Maine 161
7 Illinois, New Hampshire 160
8 Pennsylvania 159
  Nation 154


Dr. Shirley Miles, DoDEA's Associate Director for Education and Principal Deputy Director, credits teachers, students and effective curriculum initiatives for the achievements made in writing.

"Writing is one of the keys to success in life," she said. "It is an essential means of communication, self-expression and learning. We are pleased and encouraged with the results because they reflect how well our students are performing in writing and in language arts in general. We thank our teachers and students for their hard work and their commitment to continuous improvement," she added.

The NAEP 2007 writing assessment presents a comprehensive view of what students in the United States know and can do in the area of writing. Writing assessments were administered previously in 1998 and 2002. Results are reported at the national, state, and district level at grade 8 and at the national level only at grade 12. In 2007, public school students in 45 states and the DoDEA schools participated in the writing assessment at grade 8. In 2002, DoDEA students placed 4th in the nation in writing, and second in 1998.


DoDEA NAEP Ranking in Writing for 1998, 2002, and 2007
All Students Grade 8
1998 2002 2007
DoDEA 2nd 4th 4th


Minority Achievement in DoDEA Remains High

African American and Hispanic students in DoDEA continued to score the highest in the nation in writing when compared with their stateside public school counterparts.

In 2007, DoDEA's African American students ranked first in the nation in writing, achieving a score one point higher than all public school students in the nation and 14 points higher than the nation's eighth grade African American students.


NAEP 2007 Average Reading Scale Scores African American Students
Grade 8 Students 1998 2002 2007
Score Rank Score Rank Score Rank
DoDEA African American 148 2nd 151 1st 155 1st
Nation African American 130   134   140  
Nation All Students 148   152   154  


Hispanic students in DoDEA continued to lead their counterparts throughout the nation in writing by 21 points. In addition to achieving the highest scores among their stateside counterparts, DoDEA's eighth grade Hispanic students surpassed the national average score for all public school students in the nation by 11 points.


NAEP 2007 Average Reading Scale ScoresHispanic Students
Grade 8 Students 1998 2002 2007
Score Rank Score Rank Score Rank
DoDEA Hispanic 154 1st 157 1st 165 1st
Nation Hispanic 130   135   141  
Nation All Students 148   152   154  


Additional Information
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