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DoDEA Headquarters Wraps Up Successful CFC Drive

For Immediate Release — December 3, 2009 | HQ
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ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — December 3, 2009 — Employees of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Headquarters pledged more than $46,000 during the 2009 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

This year's total contributions were 155% of the $30,000 goal the CFC Committee had set for DoDEA. The CFC Committee determines each Federal Agency's contribution goal based on the number of employees working for the organization.

According to Susan Karlesses, DoDEA's CFC Coordinator, the 2009 goal set for the agency was based on 250 employees instead of 350, which has been the historical baseline.

"Every year, DoDEA reports a base of 350 employees," said Karlesses. This year, the RIF was a factor and we reported that we might be down to around 250 employees. So our 2009 $30,000 goal was reflective of a decrease in employees."

Karlesses noted that in 2008, DoDEA had a goal of $38,000, collected $45,479.74, and had 129 donors with 120% of the goal achieved. This year, DoDEA's goal was $30,000, with $46,647.32 collected from 105 donors and 155% of the goal achieved.

DoDEA Director, Dr. Shirley Miles, expressed her appreciation to the DoDEA Headquarters workforce for their generosity and praised Karlesses for her work on this year's CFC Campaign.

"Team DoDEA truly has shown the kind and giving spirit that is central to the success of the CFC nationwide," she said. "I am very proud of our accomplishments during this year's campaign, and our achievements are directly attributable to our employees and to the dedication of our coordinator, Susan Karlesses," she added.

Karlesses noted that her colleagues' commitment to the CFC overcame despite this year's gloomy economic outlook

"To me, the real story is despite the dire predictions regarding the economy, DoDEA exceeded its previous (2008) giving record," she said. "I believe good people rise to the occasion. DoDEA rose to the occasion to ensure those without will have something. DoDEA employees are good-hearted people who consistently accept the responsibility of financially assisting charities to fulfill their individual mission. I sincerely respect the employees of DoDEA."

Karlesses also praised DoDEA's CFC Keyworkers for their help in exceeding the contributions goal.

"The Teamwork with the CFC Keyworkers was phenomenal," she said. Their willingness to donate their time and baked goods is commendable."

Team DoDEA doesn't have to look far to see the impact CFC makes. Dawn Franklin, of DoDEA's Procurement Branch, commented on the impact CFC had on her life.

"If I didn't have SERVE (Securing Emergency Resources through Volunteer Efforts) available to me years ago when I was in the middle of moving to a new job and trying to maintain two households, I would have had to make the decision between paying for a heating bill and paying for food, day care, and gas for my car for that month," she recalled. "The staff at SERVE helped me to make ends meet during a stressful time. The CFC provides services that are mostly hidden to many people until they are needed."

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