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For Immediate Release — June 23, 2009 | HQ
Constance T. Baker: CFC-Overseas, Deputy Director

Despite the economic downturn, U.S. service members and Department of Defense (DoD) civilians serving overseas stepped up and collectively raised over $15.8 million for people in need through the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFC-O) in 2008. About 97,000 people contributed to the campaign, representing all five overseas commands, including troops deployed to combat areas. This generosity will help change the lives of millions of people in need around the world, across our nation and within the overseas military communities.

This year, the goal is higher because the need is greater than ever. We are therefore inviting all high school video and film clubs at the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) to participate in a competition to produce a compelling CFC-O Public Service Announcement (PSA).

To participate, the video and film club will need to produce and submit a 29-second PSA to the CFC-O office by October 15, 2009. The PSA must convey the CFC-O key messages and be within legal, moral and ethical boundaries of the CFC-O and the American Forces Network (AFN). Please review the AFRTS Policy and Technical Specifications for complete details about the PSA requirements, general campaign information and AFN policies.

We will post all submitted PSAs that meet the requirements on the CFC-O website at, where they will be judged by the public until October 23, 2009. The top three PSAs will then be aired on the AFN beginning on October 30 through December 4, 2009.

All participating students will receive a volunteer Certificate of Achievement, along with a token gift of appreciation, and the clubs winning the first, second and third prizes will receive a framed certificate. See the attached document for more details about the awards.

The CFC-O team is very excited about this new program and is committed to its success. We are available to answer questions, provide more information and offer guidance to club participants. For reference, we also will provide previous PSAs, campaign videos and communications materials.  

Thank you for your support. Together, we can Make a World of Difference.

PSA Program Timeline

  • Participating video and film clubs must produce and submit their PSA to the CFC-O office electronically to Constance Baker,, by Thursday, October 15, 2009.
  • The public will view and vote on the PSAs online via until Friday, October 23, 2009.
  • The AFN will air the top three PSAs from Friday, October 30, 2009 until Friday, December 4, 2009.  

PSA Requirements
The PSAs need to be 29 seconds in length and taped in mpg2 (preferred) or mov format.

PSA Awards
All participating students will receive a volunteer Certificate of Achievement signed by the Secretary of Defense and a letter of appreciation from Melissa Kidder, Executive Director of the CFC-O, along with a token gift of appreciation. Clubs winning the first, second and third prizes for their PSA will receive a framed certificate indicating the name of the winning club and the names of each student from the winning club. The certificate will be signed by the DoDDS European or Pacific Director and the CFC-O Executive Director. Each student will receive a smaller framed copy of the above-mentioned certificate.

General Campaign Information

Mission Statement
The purpose of the CFC-O is to support and promote philanthropy around the globe through a voluntary program that is employee-focused, cost-efficient and effective in providing all Federal employees with the opportunity to support their personal and professional values while improving the quality of life for all.


The CFC-O is the only CFC campaign for military and civilian Federal employees stationed or deployed outside of the U.S. Out of more than 200 CFCs across the nation,

the CFC-O covers the largest geographic area. It spans the globe and encompasses five separate military commands – African Command, Central Command, European Command, Pacific Command and Southern Command.

The 2008 CFC-O raised more than $15.8 million for the many participating charities and military Family Support and Youth Programs (FSYP). Unlike other CFCs, the CFC-O does not have local charities participating in the campaign. However, in addition to the national and international charities, the CFC-O offers a unique program called FSYP that enables CFC-O contributors to give back to quality of life programs in their overseas community.

It is easy to contribute to the CFC-O – donors can give via cash or check, payroll deduction or via debit or credit card.

Key CFC-O Messages / Calls to Action
Make a World of Difference

Visit for more information, including an online charity search and electronic pledging solutions.