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DoDEA Awards $29 Million to Enhance Student Achievement in STEM Fields for Military-Dependent Students

For Immediate Release — December 20, 2018 | HQ


U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Awards $29 Million to Enhance Student Achievement in STEM Fields for Military-Dependent Students 

[ALTERNATE: U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Awards $29 Million to Strengthen Academic and Support Programs for Military-Connected Students

The U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is excited to announce its recent awarding of $29 million in funding to strengthen academic and support programs for military-dependent students across the nation. Thirty-six grants were awarded to schools and districts to support strategies with the goal of improving family, school, and community relationships as well as enhancing student achievement for military-dependent students in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

The 2018 cohort of grantees will serve more than 166,000 students across 20 states, 66,000 of whom are military-connected.

The year’s grants focused on improving student’s access to and performance in STEM fields as well as supporting the social and emotional learning needs of military-connected students. Already the impact of these five-year grants is being heralded in schools and districts throughout the country, for example:


There are more than 996,000 military-connected children of all ages worldwide. These children are part of families who make sacrifices every day, from relocating frequently to being separated from loved ones during deployments. It is DoDEA’s mission to help these military-connected students achieve their highest potential by sharing resources with schools who support them.

DoDEA's Education Partnership and Resource Division  champions quality education opportunities for military children in pursuit of promoting continuity in academic and social support programs in military-connected public-school districts and non-DoD schools. The branch provides information and support to increase understanding of the unique needs of military children as well as academic support to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for military children. 

About DoDEA 
The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is a field activity of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. DoDEA's mission is to plan, direct, coordinate, and manage the education programs for eligible dependents of U.S. military personnel and civilian personnel of the Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD provides resources to non-DoDEA schools to help them deal with the challenges faced by military dependents. 

About the DoDEA Partnership Grant Program
DoDEA supports research-based programs that aim to increase student achievement in military-connected local education agencies (LEAs) and ease the challenges and transitions that students face due to their parents' military service. Since 2009, DoDEA has awarded 475 grants, totaling over $522 million. These grants serve more than 3.2 million students, including over 713,000 military-connected students in more than 3,120 schools.