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Educational Partnership Awards $4.5 Million Consortium Grant

For Immediate Release — August 29, 2013 | HQ
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ALEXANDRIA, VA — August 29, 2013 — The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Educational Partnership awarded a $4.5 million consortium grant to the Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools through the 2013 Fiscal Year (FY13) Grant Program.

There are over a million school age children from military families, with the majority attending public schools throughout our nation. DoDEA is committed to supporting educational outcomes for ALL children of military families. As the largest geographically dispersed school system in the nation, serving approximately 86,000 students worldwide, DoDEA shares its experience and resources with military-connected public school districts.

"A significant element of support for military children is an educational setting that provides not only a quality education but that recognizes and responds to each child’s needs, and provides a supportive and stable environment,” said Kathleen Facon, Chief of the DoDEA's Educational Partnership Program. “The Department of Defense is committed to ensuring that all children of military families have access to quality educational opportunities.”

For the FY13 grant program, competitive priority points were awarded if the school district had not previously received a DoDEA grant award, and if one or more of the eligible schools has a military student enrollment of 50 percent or more. "We know parent involvement makes a significant impact on student academic success. By providing more opportunities for parents to connect to schools, we are supporting the achievement of students. Receiving this grant will enhance our ability to make those connections and help parents learn avenues to help their students be more successful," said Dr. B.J. Worthington, Director of Schools, Clarksville-Montgomery County Public School System.

DoDEA awarded nearly $12.5 million in consortium grants this year. The grants were awarded to military-connected public school districts to strengthen family-school-community relationships and enhance student achievement for military connected students. The FY 2013 consortium grants aim to strengthen family, school, and community engagement and enhance learning opportunities for military dependent students. The consortium must consist of at least two or more military-connected Local Education Agencies (LEAs). Each LEA in the consortium must have a military student enrollment of at least 8 percent at the district level. In addition to the two or more LEAs, the consortium must include at least one partner organization. Partner organizations can be colleges/universities; nonprofit/community organizations; state, local, and county government agencies; or other entities that provide relevant services to LEAs and their communities.

“Promoting partnerships between LEAs and non-Federal organizations will maximize our efforts to enhance learning opportunities and build high-quality support programs for military-connected students. We are looking forward to working with Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools to leverage success and learn from their experience,” said Facon.

DoDEA consists of the Department of Defense Dependents Schools located overseas, and the Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools located in the U.S. and its territories and possessions. DoDEA provides education to eligible DoD military and civilian dependents from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. DoDEA also provides support and resources to Local Education Activities throughout the U.S. that serve children of military families.

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