Home Study Reimbursements

Home Study Reimbursements

  1. Carefully review then Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenses
  2. To ensure that your home study claim(s) is properly completed, please do the following:
    • File as needed but not more often than once a month
    • File individual claims for each child providing the required documents listed below for each child.
    • Only include items in your shopping cart that are allowable and are purchased for the NDSP program
    • List shipping and taxes separately in the space provided at the bottom of each claim form
    • Number each item on the claim form with the corresponding number on the receipt
    • All invoices and brochures must be in English. If a family member is active duty, you may obtain translations through Military One Source.
    • Allow a minimum of thirty to thirty-five business days for processing
  3. If the child is receiving group lessons already established in the community, include on the invoice the days per week and time period for the class, or submit an English translation of the brochure for the group class so NDSP can confirm how many hours per week the child is attending. Some courses may be more than 2 hours per week per subject area for K-6 or more than 4 hours per week for grades 7-12. However, the family should submit for reimbursement only the allowable service. For example, a 4th grade child may be attending group music classes for 2 hours per week and the invoice and paid receipt will reflect those 2 hours a week. However, the family can only request reimbursement for the allowed 1 hour a week.

Submit the following documents:

  1. Invoice
  2. Receipt/Proof of Payment

Submit the above documents to the NDSP Invoice Processing Office for your area.

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