School Invoice Payments

School Invoice Payments

Option 1

The school provides the invoice to you. You are responsible for contacting your child's school to obtain the school's invoice and for understanding the listed fees. In some instances, there will be fees that you are responsible for. Once you have received and reviewed the invoice, forward it to the appropriate NDSP Invoice Processing Office.

Option 2

The invoice is sent directly from the school to the NDSP. If you coordinate with the school for them to submit your child's invoice directly to the NDSP Invoice Processing Office, ask the school to include you in the courtesy copy (cc) line of any invoice sent since you are held responsible for understanding the fees.

Option 3

You pay the school directly. If you choose this option, request a personal reimbursement by completing the following documents:

  1. Parent NDSP Sponsor Claim for Reimbursement
  2. Invoice
  3. Receipt/Proof of Payment

Visit the NDSP Invoice Processing Office to submit your invoice to the appropriate office depending upon your location.

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