Change of School

We understand that sometimes there are circumstances when a family feels the need to change their children from one school to another one. The sponsor is responsible for understanding the school's policy and timelines for school withdrawal and to request any applicable refunds. There may be penalties for early withdrawal or insufficient notice. The sponsor should be aware that the NDSP can pay for initial one-time school start-up fees / registration fees for a school at post only once per tour of duty unless the school does not offer the next grade; or the school is not able to accommodate the educational needs of the child; and the maximum education allowance for the school year has not been exceeded.   ( DoDEA Administrative Instruction 5035.01) One-time fees for the new school will be the sponsor’s responsibility unless meeting the conditions listed.  One-time fees are only applicable to schools at post.  Review Expenses to understand what is considered a one-time fee.

NDSP requires documentation for any change in a school.
If the change of school is applicable for the next school year, the process will be completed during the re-registration period via the Sponsor Portal. Review Reregistration Procedures for the specific dates and process.
If the change of school occurs outside the re-registration period, contact NDSP Program Management to initiate the change of school process. Provide the last day of enrollment at the current school, name of the new school and start date for the new school.
A new approval e-mail notification will be sent to you upon finalization and authorization of the change of school request. Upon receipt of the e-mail notification of approval (within 15 business days), you may proceed with completing the application to the school listed in the e-mail.
You may complete the NDSP Family Budget Planning Tool to ensure knowledge regarding the DSSR, allowable costs and costs that you will have to bear. We have prepared a  tutorial guide to assist you through this process.
If your child receives services as part of a Learning Support Plan/Individual Education Program (IEP) or you have other education concerns, you must contact the NDSP Education Specialist for coordination.

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