Tour Extension

Tour Extension

To extend the entitlement of eligibility with NDSP, documentation must be provided that specifically addresses continuing authority to remain in the overseas area. Acceptable documents include:

Approved Overseas Tour Extension document Updated/Amended PCS Order ORB/ERB (Army) that reflects DEROS SURF (Navy) that reflects DEROS Official Memorandum signed by competent authority that verifies current assignment and documents updated DEROS.

Due to COVID-19 stop movements, if tour extension documents are not available, then a memo from the Command documenting the sponsor's continued status at the Duty Station (and proposed PCS date) will suffice until extension orders are available.

Civilian employees in Priority Placement Program (PPP):

On an annual basis, official documentation must be provided regarding your PPP status. Once the documentation is received, NDSP eligibility will be extended to the end of the current school year.

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