Department of Defense Education Activity

Other DSSR Allowances

Education Allowance DSSR

Home Study

In lieu of the school At Post rate, a separate allowance of up to $10,500 is provided each school year for home-based instruction in grades K-6 and up to $21,500 in grades 7-12. However, if the local school/grade is adequate, reimbursement is limited to the school At Post allowance if it is lower than the home study rate.

Special Education

For the education of a student with special needs, in lieu of the school At Post rate, a separate allowance is provided each school year up to $71,500 for school At Post or home study/private instruction (including tutoring) or up to $89,000 for school Away From Post. All special education needs must be pre-approved and coordinated with your NDSP Education Specialist.

Supplemental Instruction

An amount not to exceed $4,100 each school year for supplementary instruction may be authorized if the student is attending a school at post and needs academic support, needs required courses in U.S. curriculum not offered at the school, or is eligible for gifted services.

NOTE: All supplementary service requests must be pre-authorized by the NDSP Education Specialist. Reimbursement will not be authorized without prior approval. Supplemental instruction funding is not authorized for home study/private instruction or for boarding school attendees.