Department of Defense Education Activity


Educational Options

(At Post) Allowable/Non-Allowable

Yes, you have to option of choosing a local public or private school that provides the curriculum in another language. However, there are a number of factors to consider before doing this. Review the Non-English School Guidance document for further information. You may also be eligible for Supplemental Support instruction in that foreign language. Contact your NDSP Education Specialist for further information.

Study trips/field trips or athletic trips are not an allowable expense whether they are voluntary or mandatory.

Uniforms are not an allowable expense with NDSP. These costs are the responsibility of the sponsor.

No, NDSP cannot purchase a musical instrument for your child. However, NDSP can fund rental of a musical instrument for your child if the school does not provide the instrument.

(Away from Post) Allowable/Non-Allowable

No, the student must attend the boarding school as a boarder and the boarding school must be outside the commuting distance of the duty location.

No, when there is a school available at post or within commuting distance, boarding is not an option.

When a boarding school is chosen as your child’s education option, supplemental funding, which includes online vendors for additional coursework, is not an allowable expense.

Weekly boarding is an option for students in grades 6-12. NDSP may fund the cost of transportation home and back to boarding school each week up to the limits of the DSSR away from post allowance for your duty location.