Department of Defense Education Activity

Local School

Local Public School

For information on a local public school, contact the local education council to determine enrollment procedures for your location. You are eligible for reimbursement of authorized expenses for education (books, fees, etc.) and transportation costs up to the DSSR limit for your duty location. Please refer to Expenses and Transportation for more information.

Local Private Day

For a local private day school, please review Choosing an International School and the Non-DoD School Listing Interactive Map. Use these documents to assist with making an informed decision for your child. You are required to select a school which will allow your child to easily progress to the next grade level upon your return to the U.S. NDSP pays one-time fees once per tour of duty unless the school does not offer the next grade level or the school is not able to accommodate the educational needs of the child and the maximum education allowance for the school year has not been exceeded. 

Local Non-English Speaking School

When considering a school providing  instruction in another language other than English, it is recommended to review the Non-English School Guidance.