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Frequently Asked Questions

Can NDSP assist with support to help my child transition from an American curriculum to a British curriculum?

The British curriculum is very different from the American curriculum. Please review the NDSP Guide to British Education which provides detailed information about options within the British National curriculum. If your child is in secondary school, it is imperative that you understand the challenges with this educational option and its possible impact upon a successful transition back to the U.S and/or impact on the timeliness of graduation. Contact the NDSP Area Education Specialist for more information or assistance.

Can my child attend a non-English school?

Yes, your child can attend a non-English school. You must select an educational option that will allow your child to easily transition to the next grade when you return to the United States. Review the Non-English School Guidance for more information.

I am assigned to XXX location. What are the school choices in that location?

You may find a listing of schools for your location by reviewing the Non-DoD Schools Listing and DoS Office of Overseas Schools.

I thought the education allowance would cover the full costs of my child’s tuition. Why am I out-of-pocket for education expenses?

The education allowance is intended to assist in meeting, but not necessarily to fully cover, the education expenses encountered while serving in an overseas location. The education allowance is intended to cover costs of educational services normally free of charge in U.S. public schools. The sponsor has the freedom of choice to select the educational option available for the specific grade level. Review the authorized and unauthorized expenses as you are reviewing educational options. When the school of choice is more expensive than the maximum allowance established for the duty location, considerable out-of-pocket expenses may occur.

If I am homeschooling my child, can I also utilize classes at the local tuition-charging school in addition to my homeschool curriculum?

Utilizing a tuition-charging school and homeschooling is not allowed by NDSP. A child can attend a school at post or be homeschooled, but he/she cannot use both educational options. Review Home Study/Private Instruction for more details.

If my child was eligible for gifted services at his/her last public school in the U.S., is there any funding support provide by NDSP for my child?

If your child was eligible in the prior U.S. public school and the current school does not provide a gifted program, you may be eligible for additional materials/courses. All gifted education services require pre-approval by the NDSP Area Educational Specialist.

My child is not getting U.S. History in the international school. What can we do to remedy that before we return to the U.S.?

Options are available for your child to access courses not provided by the local school and required for U.S. graduation. The NDSP Area Educational Specialist can assist you in exploring options to augment current coursework. All courses require pre-approval by the NDSP Area Educational Specialist.

Will NDSP pay for required fees associated with an Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB)?

NDSP will pay for the required fees associated with an AP or IB. Transportation costs to a testing site are not an allowable expense.

Will NDSP pay for required fees associated with the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT).

The ACT and SAT are college admission examinations and are not an authorized expense.