Department of Defense Education Activity

Service Provider

Service Provider Payment

There are two ways to pay a service provider, either through a sponsor reimbursement or through a direct payment to the provider.

Sponsor Reimbursement

The sponsor can pay the service provider (transportation provider, tutor, speech therapist) directly, and then request a personal reimbursement from NDSP.


Please complete the following forms for sponsor reimbursement:

  1. Parent NDSP Sponsor Claim for Reimbursement
  2. Invoice
  3. Receipt/Proof of Payment

Direct Payment to Service Provider

  1. Sponsor must contact the to set up direct payments to the service provider.
  2. After the sponsor has established the direct payment process, the service provider must complete the Provider Reimbursement document by providing dates of service, length of service, and the description of the service.
  3. Sponsor must sign the Provider Reimbursement prior to submission by the service provider.
  4. Service provider submits the Provider Reimbursement document and the invoice to the appropriate NDSP Invoice Processing Office based upon the sponsor's duty location.