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Education and Instruction

Online courses can be used as a stand-alone curriculum, as part of a Home Study/Private Instruction program, or in conjunction with your child's primary school at post when specific high school courses are not available. View the Non-DoD School Listings for more information about online programs. (Once at the excel sheet, locate the tabs at the bottom of the document. The tab on the far right is the "Virtual and Homeschool" tab.)

Many overseas schools do not offer U.S.-specific high school courses such as U.S. history, U.S. government, and economics. In these cases, NDSP can help augment your child's required classes with online courses to fill in those gaps.

Home Study - Private Instruction Education Plan - Use this template to map out your child's homeschool curriculum plan. This plan will need to be uploaded when you register your child for the homeschool educational option.

Non-English School Guidance- This document offers key information to consider when selecting a non-English school.

College Board - Access this website to learn more about PSAT, SAT and ACT college prep and planning.

Child Find

Child Find is an ongoing process used by DoDEA and the military departments to actively seek and identify individuals (from birth to age 21, inclusive) who are eligible to receive special education and related services.

  • Child Find Information- This brochure gives you information if you are concerned with your child's learning and/or development. It provides processes and contacts for additional help.
  • Preschool Screening Information - If you have concerns about your preschool child's development, this brochure can provide you with some guiding questions to think about along with information on screenings and evaluation.

Contact your NDSP Education Specialist for more information about Child Find.

DoD Special Needs Toolkit

The DoD Special Needs Parent Toolkit - If you are a military or DoD civilian family with a child with special needs, use this resource to help you navigate the maze of medical and special education services, community support, and benefits and entitlements.

EFMP Form DD2792-1

EFMP Form DD2792-1 - This form is used by DoD civilian and military personnel to evaluate and document the special education needs of family members. This information must be provided if you intend to enroll your child with special education needs in a school funded by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA).

The Overseas Screening Process can give you more information about registering and being screened through the Exceptional Family Member Program.

Contact your NDSP Education Specialist for more information.