Department of Defense Education Activity

School and Registration

Initial Registration, Adding a Dependent, New Duty Location
NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR) Quick Start Guide
The SOR Quick Start Guide provides guidance on how to use the application. The application is used when applying to NDSP the first time, adding a dependent, or when moving to a new NDSP duty location.
NDSP Student Online Registration (SOR)
Use this portal for initial registration with the NDSP or if you are adding a second child.
Verification of Command Sponsorship
This form is only needed if your dependents are not listed on the orders.
Kindergarten Enrollment Verification
This document provides directions and a sample memorandum
Proof of Previous Kindergarten Enrollment
This document provides directions and examples of documents that must be submitted to NDSP if a kindergarten student begins an overseas school 45 days after the school year begins.
Family Budget Planning Tool Tutorial
Use this guide to help you maneuver the Family Budget Planning Tool.
Family Budget Planning Tool
This tool will help you understand what educational expenses the NDSP will pay for and what expenses you are expected to cover. It is recommended that you use this tool annually.


Reregistration Quick Guide Refer to this one page quick guide to view instructions for NDSP reregistration.

Sponsor Portal
Use this portal to re-register your child prior to the beginning of every school year, or to submit documents (e.g. DEROS extension) to NDSP.