Department of Defense Education Activity

Hispanic Emphasis Program (HEP)

Hispanic Emphasis Program

Executive Order 13171, Hispanic Employment in the Federal Government, was issued on October 12, 2000, to focus on the continued underrepresentation of Hispanics in the federal workforce.

According to the most recent Census survey, Hispanics constitute 13.4 percent of the U.S. population (this does not include Puerto Rico's 3.9 million residents) and are the largest minority group in the Nation. Despite their status, Hispanics only comprise 12.2 percent of the National Civilian Labor Force (CLF) and only 6.9 percent of the permanent federal workforce.

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) has used Executive Order 13171 as a blueprint to construct and build upon activities that focus on Hispanic outreach and recruitment.

Workforce Demographics

DoDEA monitors workforce demographics for trends and possible barriers across the employment lifecycle. In FY20, DoDEA’s total workforce representation was 13,817 employees. Below is a snapshot of DoDEA’s workforce, with a primary focus on Hispanic or Latino employees.

Gender and Ethnicity Representation

Gender and Ethnicity

Mission Critical Representation

Mission Critical Occupation  Series Code

Mission-Critical Occupations Series Code Total Males Hispanic or Latino Males Total Females Hispanic or Latina Females
1701% 23.39% 1.52% 76.61% 5.21%
1710% 14.83% 2.06% 85.17% 9.29%
Occupational CLF % 33.20% 2.70% 66.80% 4.50%

Participation at Senior-Levels

Participation at Senior Levels

Employee Spotlights

Explore the diversity of our employees.  We’ve highlighted videos that capture not only their contributions, but their genuine desire to make a difference for students and their families and their colleague.

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Hispanic Heritage DoDEA Pacific Message 3

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