On the day you report to duty, you will need to get to the Visitor’s Control Center at the Mark Center Building. A Human Resources Specialist will provide you with the time to be at the Mark Center; an escort will meet you at the Visitor’s Control Center.

Mark Center Address:
4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22350-1400

Directions and Transportation Options

For directions to the Mark Center Building by car, mass transit, and commuter options, see directions at WHS website

Visitor Parking for New Employees to DoDEA HQ

As a new employee to DoDEA HQ at the Mark Center building, you are eligible for visitor parking. New employees are eligible for up to ten working days of visitor parking at the Mark Center within your first calendar month at DoDEA HQ.

For new employees who intend to park at the Mark Center, please contact the Parking Specialists at (571) 372-1409 or email MarkCenterParking@dodea.edu to request the Temporary Parking Form and directions to the visitor parking garage at the Mark Center.

Keep in mind that all requests require a 24 hour notice, and must be submitted to the Mark Center Parking Specialist by 2 PM. Any request submitted after 2 PM, will be processed the next business day. Please notify your sponsor if approved or disapproved.

If you are unable to get a temporary parking pass for Mark Center parking and will be driving, several public garages are available:

  • Hilton Hotel is across the street from the Mark Center and charges $24 a day for parking.
  • Colonial Parking operates a parking garage about two blocks from the Mark Center.  For more information on Colonial Parking, see http://www.ecolonial.com/

Mark Center Entrances

All entrances to the Mark Center are controlled electronically. As a new employee, you are required to enter the Mark Center through the Visitor Control Center.

Locating the Visitor’s Control Center (VCC)

From the Transportation Center (Bus Bays):

  • After exiting the bus, turn right, and then walk to the Transportation Center entrance.
  • Proceed up the escalator and follow signs to the VCC.

From the Parking Garage:

  • Look for signs leading to the elevators or the VCC, which is located on the fifth floor.

At the Visitor Control Center:

  • Enter the Visitor Control Center which is to the left of the turnstiles.
  • Check in with the security specialists behind the windows. Obtain your visitor badge.
  • Wait for your escort.
  • Once your escort arrives, register your visitor badge, if necessary, at the kiosk with your escort.
  • Proceed to security screening. 
  • Clear screening and exit with your escort.

Note: New employees will receive a new Common Access Card (CAC), or code their existing CAC for building access, on the first or second day of employment at the Mark Center CAC Office.

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