Comprehensive Planning System

Comprehensive Planning System

The Comprehensive Planning System (CPS) is a systemic approach to organize and prioritize our collective energies, abilities, and resources to achieve DoDEA's goals identified in the strategic plan, The Blueprint for Continuous Improvement.The CPS structure and process is codified in DoDEA's Administrative Instruction 7045.01, September 17, 2018. The Comprehensive Planning and Resourcing Directive Type Memo is published annually to define planning, budgeting, and acquisition requirements and timelines.

The CPS consists of a four-year iterative cycle.The framework includes skeleton, forecasting, programming, and execution planning years.All DoDEA functional areas (HQ divisions, regions, Centers for Instructional Leadership (CIL), districts and schools) are involved in the planning process resulting in prioritized capabilities based on strategy, annual resource allocation, and program formulation for student achievement.Integrated planning meetings occur throughout the year for cross- functional communication.

Personnel performance goals are linked to DoDEA's strategic and subsequent action plans through DoD Performance Management Appraisal Plan(s) (DPMAP) in accordance with Volumes 430 and 431 of DoD Instruction 1400.25.In coordination with your supervisor, each employee will develop a DoD Performance Management Appraisal Plan.When required, an appropriate DoDEA standardized performance plan may be used.The developed plan shall reflect and align with the Strategic, Division, CIL, Region, District and School plans, as applicable.Performance plans shall be created and approved normally within thirty (30) calendar days of the employee's assignment to a new position or set of duties.

Each Employee should be familiar with their respective functional area action plan, DPMAP, and associated roles and responsibilities for success. Functional Area leaders maintain and can provide the action plans for alignment.



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