Getting Your Orders

Getting Your Orders

1. Certificate of Medical Examination

For some positions, you will be required to complete a medical examination before orders can be issued. If you are required to submit this form, you will be informed by your HR Specialist and given further directions.

2. Required Pre-Travel Trainings and Briefings

For some positions, you are required to provide evidence that you completed a number of trainings and briefings. If these are required of you, you will be notified by your HR Specialist or local security representative.

Please note: Not all trainings and briefings are required at every location. Common trainings and briefings include:

If you are traveling to Turkey or Bahrain, please contact the local Security Representative for current requirements.

3. Background Check/Clearance

Most positions at DoDEA require a background check or clearance. IF this is a requirement for your new position, you will be notified by your HR Specialist when you are given your tentative offer. You will then be asked to enter your information into the Electronic Questionnaire for Investigative Processing System (E-QIP). It is important to enter this information as soon as possible in order to receive a final offer and a start date at your new duty station.

Most current employees will have current background check and clearances already in place. If you have any questions, please contact your HR Specialist or local Security Specialist

Electronic Questionnaire for Investigative Processing System (E-QIP)

4. Request for Travel Orders

Upon completing all the steps listed above applicable to you, you must request travel orders. Current employees can enter their request through the Travel Orders Processing System (TOPS). New employees will be provided a "Request for Travel Orders" form by their HR Specialist.

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