Before You Leave Your Current Duty Station

Before You Leave Your Current Duty Station

1. Send Information Awareness Training Certification and Computer User Agreement to New Supervisor

All DoDEA employees must complete the Information Assurance (IA) Awareness Training and the Computer User Agreement (Form 6600.1-F1) as prerequisites to accessing the IT systems at their new work location. If you have a current IA training certificate, you are not required to re-take the training. E-mail copies of the Completion Certificate and the Computer User Form to your supervisor at least two weeks before your start date at your new duty station.

Information Awareness Training

Computer User Agreement

2. Cancel Local Subscriptions, Utilities, and Update Address

A PCS move can be a stressful time, and it is easy to overlook some of the more basic tasks as you move forward. Take time to make a list of items that will need to be cancelled or updated. For example, this may include cancelling or forwarding credit cards, newspapers, online subscriptions, and utilities, to name a few. These entities will all need to be notified that you have moved.

3. Submit a Help Desk ticket to prepare for data migration: CURRENT EMPLOYEES ONLY

To ensure that e-mails and other important data are transferred to your new location, it is important to notify IT through a Help Desk ticket through the Global Service Desk. Please complete this action approximately 10 days before your last work day at your current location to give IT sufficient time to prepare. Please contact your local IT Specialist with any questions.

4. Military Deposits: As Applicable

Current employees paying a military deposit and transitioning between two different payroll databases (e.g., overseas and stateside) must provide information to their Customer Service Representative (CSR) or Financial Technician to ensure that the deposit payments can continue in the new payroll database. If you have any questions, please contact a CSR/Financial Technician.

5. Change of Address Form: CURRENT EMPLOYEES ONLY

To ensure that payroll-related information is forwarded appropriately, complete the Change of Address Form and submit it to your current HR/Payroll office before you leave your current duty station. If you have any questions, please contact your local HR/Payroll office.

  • Change of Address Form

6. Base and School Clearance Procedures: CURRENT OCONUS EMPLOYEES ONLY

Don't forget to follow to complete the Base and School clearance procedures in accordance with your clearance checklist prior to leaving your current duty station.

7. Turn in Assigned Property: CURRENT EMPLOYEES ONLY

Before your final days working at your current duty station, you will need to follow local procedures to return laptops, cellular phones, or any other assigned equipment to IT or any other equipment provider.

8. Transfer of Office Materials: CURRENT EMPLOYEES ONLY

Before your final days working at your current duty station, you will need to ensure proper packing and shipping of your professional office materials. If you have any questions, or are unsure if you qualify for this benefit, please contact your local HR Specialist.

9. Local Out-Processing Checklist: CURRENT EMPLOYEES ONLY

During the final two weeks before your last work day at your current duty station, you may be asked to complete a "Check-Out List". Please complete this list and return to the appropriate party at your current duty station. Please contact your current supervisor with any questions.

10. Close out your Government Travel Credit Card (GTS) and/or any Government Purchase Card (GPS) Responsibilities: CURRENT EMPLOYEES ONLY

Before you leave, remember to close out your GTS and any GPS responsibilities. Be sure to provide a forwarding address for any remaining billing related issues, if necessary. Please contact your Resources Management office with any questions.

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