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School Year 2020-2021


mfaReady. Anytime, Anywhere.

A key goal of readiness strategy is providing staff and students access to resources anytime and virtually anywhere - securely. To ensure vital resources are available, resources will have more flexible login options and a centralized access point to make finding resources easier.

For years, DoDEA has required the use of a common access card (CAC) and pin to verify staff identity. DoDEA will introduce non-CAC secure access with multi-factor authentication (MFA) via Microsoft Teams. MFA is an identification method that validates who you are in multiple ways using passcodes, phone, email and/or other unique factors. Through non-CAC secure access with MFA, DoDEA can ensure resources remain secure and allow access to more DoDEA resources anytime and anywhere. *Most DoD systems will continue to require a CAC and pin.

To streamline access to vital digital resources, DoDEA has selected ClassLink as the Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for providing the centralized access point to resources and files. Semester 1 will showcase a preview of ClassLink with targeted resources. Once fully implemented, this award-winning technology will provide a safe, secure way for students and staff to access all of DoDEA's approved applications - from the classroom to the boardroom - on any computer, tablet or smartphone. With one login to ClassLink students can spend less time logging in and more time learning.

Microsoft Teams, the hub for collaboration and teamwork, makes it easy to have conversations, host meetings, share documents, and get work done with your closest coworkers or across the organization. Teams will utilize multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure the ability to collaborate is ready when you are. Teams will be implemented in addition to DoDEA's existing Google collaboration suite. Aligning with the concept of OneDoDEA, Microsoft Teams will be available to all staff across DoDEA rather than just a single division.

Comprehensive Planning & Continuous Collaboration.

A strong Education partnership and honest feedback are critical to ensure technology products and services have the desired impact on student success. DoDEA will use both qualitative and quantitative means to gather feedback in order to ensure leadership can make data-informed decisions that deliver positive change for staff and students. Additionally, proactive steps will be incorporated to ensure that innovative ideas can be captured from those who are on the front-line of student success.

The DoDEA Champions Program provides non-IT staff an opportunity to provide feedback, recommendations and insights to the Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) and leadership. The DoDEA Champions Program ambassadors and advocates will have a direct influence on the technology and innovative products and services that help impact systemic change and shape future decisions about technology investments. Through joining other thought leaders and innovators in robust discussions and planning, you can lead the change you want to see.

teamsThroughout School Year 2020-2021, DoDEA will roll out Microsoft Teams, beginning with IT and early adopters. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace within Microsoft 365 that makes it easy to have conversations, host meetings, share files, collaborate on documents, and connect across the organization. With Teams you’ll have access to everything you need in one place — available anytime, on any internet-connected device. Microsoft Teams is not a replacement for existing technology. Rather Teams is a means to connect DoDEA across the entire organization so that everyone can help support the success of our military-connected children.

To capture the essential technology capabilities for DoDEA instructional classrooms, the Classroom Technology Requirements Series will hold interviews with over 20 focus groups of educational stakeholders including education and support staff at all levels (headquarters, regional, district, community and school level functions). The series will define classroom technology requirements targeted at various student grade levels and employee positions to enhance the student experience while reducing the investment cost. The Classroom Technology Requirements Series aims to enhance the student experience by ensuring classroom technology remains cutting edge.

classlinkData-Informed Decision Making and Instruction

The DoDEA Data Warehouse brings together sets of approved data into a manageable, centralized access point to allow users to view and create reports that can help with targeted and organization-wide decisions. The Data Warehouse will allow users to access staff, student, and location-specific data from multiple approved data resources throughout DoDEA and beyond.

Much like the Data Warehouse brings data from across DoDEA together, the project is a coordinated effort between many DoDEA divisions led by DoDEA IT; Research, Accountability & Evaluation; and Strategic & Organizational Excellence. From the teacher to the director, users across all levels of DoDEA will be able to build knowledge of DoDEA data and make data-informed decisions to help with student success. The first phase of users access starts in Semester 2.

ClassLink analytics provides detailed analytical data about the usage of digital learning resources across your school, district or region, even when students are at home. By understanding when, where and how frequently resources are being used, leadership can meaningfully evaluate their impact and return on investment (ROI).

Timeline Overview

Initiatives will be rolled out in a phased approach to allow for feedback and training. Prior to each phase, training and reference sheets will be provided to direct support staff (ETs and IT). Additionally, end users will have access to resource libraries for asynchronous training as well as weekly tips and live question & answer sessions.

  • Service-Specific Considerations: To ensure a smooth transition from existing services, service-specific considerations will be used to ensure staff and students are trained and comfortable with the new resources.
  • ClassLink transition from Clever: The current Single Sign-On (SSO) portal, Clever, will remain accessible for the first semester of the school year in order to ensure staff and students have become familiar with the ClassLink access portal. Additionally, users will be able to access ClassLink through a link within Clever in order to quickly navigate to digital resources.
  • Microsoft Teams transition from Skype for Business: While Microsoft Teams will transition to replace the chat and meeting capability of Skype for Business, users will continue to have access to Skype for Business until Microsoft Teams has been implemented throughout DoDEA. The Microsoft Teams implementation is expected to conclude by early 2021.

Recommendations from DoDEA Champions Program will provide valuable insight and guidance into improving the existing plans and finalizing the school-level implementation plan.

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