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GOVCC: Regulations and Guidance


Unused Airline Ticket Policy
Addresses the responsibility of an employee to return unused and/or partially used airline tickets to the Commercial Travel Office (CTO).
Public Law 105-264 of 1998 (105th Congress)
An act to require Federal Employees to use the GOVCC for authorized payments of expenses while on official business travel (TDY).
GOVCC Disciplinary Guide for Civilian Employees
The GOVCC Disciplinary Guide addresses DoD regulations involving improper, fraudulent, or abusive use of government purchase cards and government travel charge cards by civilian employees.
DoDEA Regulation 7351.1 - Use of the Government Travel Charge Card (cancelled)
Updates policy and responsibilities regarding the DoDEA use of the Government Travel Charge Card.
DoDEA Office of the General Counsel's Legal Notes, Vol. 03-03, March 2010
Addresses the issues of texting while driving, proper use of the Government Travel Charge Card, and government travel expenses.
DoD Financial Management Regulation (FMR)
FMR, Volume 9, Chapter 3 provides primary governing rules. For the Government Travel Charge Card.
Cardholder Program Guide
This link provides a complete and extensive guide on how the Citi Government Travel Charge Card should be managed and used.

Policy Memorandums

Cancellation of GOVCC Accounts
An effort from the Charge Card Task Force to reduce the number of outstanding travel charge cards.
Departure In/Out Processing Checklist
This memorandum addresses the Personnel Departure Checklist's requirement to turn in Government Travel Charge Cards upon leaving an organization.
DoD Charge Card Program
The Government Travel Charge Card Cardholder Guide explains how to manage your GOVCC.
Management of the DoD Travel Card
This memorandum addresses issues related to misuse and abuse of travel cards by DoD personnel
Reduce Delinquency Rates
This memorandum references new policies to reduce delinquencies in paying valid travel charge card debts.

Agency Personnel and Cardholder Roles and Responsibilities

Agency Program Coordinators (A/OPC) Responsibilities
This document consists of a detailed list of the roles and responsibilities of the Agency Program Coordinator.
Cardholder Responsibilities
This document defines the role of the cardholder and how they should communicate and cooperate effectively with the A/OPC.
Supervisors/Managers Responsibilities
This document outlines the steps to be taken by supervisors/managers to monitor and ensure an effective Travel Charge Card Program.