Department of Defense Education Activity

GOVCC: Training Courses & A/OPC

DoDEA Travel Card Training Course and Agency/Organization Program Coordinators (A/OPC)

This section provides the GOVCC application, cardholder training materials and A/OPC information on the Agency's GOVCC day-to-day program management.

GOVCC Application and Training Course

Cardholder Application
Electronic/ Hard copy application for the Travel Charge Card Program.
This link contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding the GOVCC program.
GSA Pamphlet "But I didn't know...Now you do!"
The pamphlet contains discussions and examples of reminders designed to ensure cardholders pay their bill on time!
How to Apply Online for a Citi GOVCC
This document provides the A/OPC with a "how-to-process" to complete a Citi GOVCC application online.
Quiz (Initial)
Initial training completion quiz.
Quiz (Triennial)
Triennial training completion quiz.
Statement of Understanding
The statement outlines the rules/regulations that the cardholder must abide by as a holder of a Government Travel Charge Card.
Training Booklet
This training provides general information on traveling for the Government and reviews on how to use a Government Travel Charge Card.

Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC)

Monthly Validation Checklist
This checklist is used monthly by A/OPCs to review and validate the Citi EAS reports to identify potential misuse/abuse and account delinquencies.
Best Practices
Reports Functionality Matrix: DoD Travel Shared Reports.
Agency Program Coordinators
This link contains a list of DoDEA Area points of contact that can provide assistance with respect to cardholder questions or issues regarding the GOVCC program.
(Sample) Splash Screens/Handouts (ppt)
This link contains a useful PowerPoint handout which provides important GOVCC facts and guidelines for use.