Department of Defense Education Activity

DAI Timekeeping System

Mark Center Employees ONLY, HQ

Full-Time DoDEA employees must account for 80 hours per pay period.  You must either be in a duty status or in a leave status for the full 80 hours. For part-time employees, all work schedules must account for the number of hours assigned based on the SF-50.  Any additional hours worked by part-time employees must be pre-approved by the DoDEA Comptroller.

Time and Attendance is captured in the Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) timekeeping system for each two week pay period. All leave/absence requests or requests for premium time (travel compensatory time, regular compensatory time, overtime, etc..) must be requested in advance through the DAI timekeeping system (please see below for training resources link).

Employees must have their time and attendance attested and submitted in DAI by close of business (COB) Wednesday of the second week of each pay period. All supervisors must certify/approve their employees’ time and attendance by noon on Thursday of the second week of the pay period.  If the employee is unable to submit a timecard, supervisors are responsible to submit on their behalf.

NOTE: During Temporary Duty (TDY), your work schedule must reflect eight hours a day and five days a week as a flexi-tour (allows for credit hours) or regular hours (no credit hours option) schedule. Please know that there is NO Alternate Work Schedule (AWS) for the entire period that includes the travel unless the employee is on long-term TDY and has worked out the schedule with the supervisor in advance.

DAI Access

All employees must have an approved DD2875 before they are granted access.  DAI is access via the DAI timekeeping icon on their desktop. If you are unable to login using the icon, surf to DAI website. For first time use please make sure to read the “DAI Access Instructions” available at Resource Management website. Please contact for any access issues after the DD2875 has been processed.

For general access all employees will have two roles, “Employee Time User DoDEA” and “DoDEA Notifications”. Supervisors must have the additional role of “Supervisor Approver DoDEA” in order to perform their full duties as a supervisor. Additional roles and responsibilities may be required based on the position of the employee.

DAI Training Resources

If you need assistance for using the DAI timekeeping system, access training materials at Resource Management website.

Please contact your local CSR through the Global Service Desk for any issues with your timecard at Global Service Desk Website.