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Official Travel

Defense Travel System (DTS) Guidance

DoD civilian employees shall use the Defense Travel System (DTS) to make all flight, hotel, and rental car reservations. The use of DTS is mandatory for official travel.

  • The standard rental vehicle size is a compact.
  • Use of contract city-pair airfares is limited to official business travel. 

All employees who travel on Official Travel Orders shall complete the required DTS Training, before using DTS.

Carlson Wagonlit is the DoD contracted travel agent and works directly through DTS. Travelers are NOT authorized to contact Carlson Wagonlit directly.

  • Know-Before-You-Go: Access to Virtually There is  24/7 via PC or mobile device and you can check airline reservations, status of any flight including delays, cancellations and gate information.
  • The “AFTER-HOUR” Emergency telephone contact number for changes to your travel itinerary 24 HOURS is 800-288-5999 or EMERGENCY WORLDWIDE COLLECT at 210-877-6828. Travel Authorization number is required. 

Government Credit Card (Travel Card) Mandatory Use

Unless exempted, all DoD personnel are required to use a GOVCC for ALL expenses incurred while on official business travel, i.e., ATM advances, lodging, rental car, meals, and other incidental expenses. For information on how to get a government travel card, please contact Sara Clow ( or 571-372-1434)


It is DoD mandatory policy that the traveler provides all receipts for airline, baggage fees, lodging, rental car and any other individual official travel expenses.

Registration/Membership and Conference Fees

These types of fees are not chargeable on the GOVCC or to be annotated on the authorization as a reimbursable expense. Travelers are required to prepare and submit a SF182, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training Form with payment charged to the Division’s Purchase Card prior to TDY. The form is available at DoDEA Intranet.

OCONUS Security Clearance Statement

Any DoDEA employee traveling outside of the Continental United States must complete a security threat briefing. Travel orders must specify “Security threat briefing completed.”

Privileges while on Official Business Travel (OCONUS ONLY)

In accordance with the Joint Travel Regulations, VOL II, C1701, government quarters, food services, U.S. banking, US post office, commissaries, exchanges, and emergency medical support are authorized in accordance with the applicable regulations of the separate military departments.

Constructed Travel

Constructed travel is used to compare travel costs when a traveler requests approval to use a form of transportation other than the normal mode of transportation (airline) or airport selection other than IAD (Dulles) during the week.  Traveler will need to submit a request, Constructed Travel Worksheet, which is then placed in the DTS substantiating document section.

Mandatory Split Disbursement

All DoD personnel are required to split disburse all undisputed charges against the GOVCC (IBA).  Payment for all GOVCC charges will be sent directly to the GOVCC contractor (Citi). To support the split disbursement requirement, DTS will automatically split disburse airline, hotel, rental vehicle, and other miscellaneous expenses identified by the traveler as charged to the GOVCC.

DTS Contact Information

If you have questions about the Defense Travel System, contact Sara Clow in Resource Management ( or 571-372-1434)

Learn more about the Defense Travel System

Access the Defense Travel System at DoD Travel System using your CAC.

If you are unable to log into DTS, ensure your computer system is compatible at Accessing DTS page at Defense Travel System.

Additional DTS training and information is available at DTMO Passport Account Login.