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Welcome Message
Welcome to DoDEA Headquarters (HQ), and congratulations on your position! Whether you are coming from the field or from outside of the agency, your experience and talents are welcome additions to Headquarters.
About Onboarding Knowledge Base
Welcome to DoDEA’s ServiceOne Onboarding Knowledge Base. This Knowledge Base contains all of our information articles about onboarding. You will find here information which will assist you as you become an integral part of DoDEA, helping to educate our students and serve our military-connected students and families.
An Overview of DoDEA’s History and Mission
DoDEA’s mission is to educate, engage, and empower military-connected students to succeed in a dynamic world. The agency’s top priorities are to increase student achievement and to create a unified school system.
First Day What to Bring and Meeting your Escort
You must bring your certified birth certificate or an acceptable alternate as proof of citizenship (see below). DO NOT BRING YOUR HOSPITAL BIRTH RECORD; IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Information will only be taken from your birth certificate (or alternate document); it will not be kept.
About DoDEA’s Organizational Functions
The Department of Defense Education Activity serves more than 66,000 students at 160 accredited schools in 11 foreign countries, 7 states, and 2 territories.
Basic Federal Employment Information for General Schedule (GS) Employees
DoDEA offers flexible and compressed work schedules, telecommuting opportunities, and other quality of life programs. However, work schedules, hours of duty, and flexibilities will depend on your position type and organizational need.
Annual and Sick Leave for General Schedule (GS) Federal Employees
Annual leave is earned and credited on a biweekly basis at the rate of 4, 6, or 8 hours per pay period, depending on the total amount of creditable Federal service you have (including creditable Military service) for full-time employees.
DAI Timekeeping System
Time and Attendance is captured in the Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) timekeeping system for each two week pay period.
Administrative Instructions and Other Policy Issuances
Every large and complex organization has a myriad of administrative instructions and policy that guides the work of the organization. The Department of Defense Education Activity is no different.
Comprehensive Planning System
The Comprehensive Planning System (CPS) is a systemic approach to organize and prioritize our collective energies, abilities, and resources to achieve DoDEA’s goals identified in the strategic plan, The Blueprint for Continuous Improvement.
DoDEA Hotline Program
The DoDEA Hotline Program provides a confidential, reliable means for individuals to report fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement.
Acronyms Used in DoDEA
Visit DoDEA's Onboarding Knowledge Base for all the information you need to make your first day, your first week, your first month, and your first year at DoDEA a success. Search or browse for topics.
Official Travel
DoD civilian employees shall use the Defense Travel System (DTS) to make all flight, hotel, and rental car reservations.
DoDEA Travel Compensatory Program
The following guidance applies to all DoDEA employees employed under the General Schedule, Federal Wage System, and Administratively Determined pay systems that have regular tours of duty for leave purposes and are not specifically excluded in Title 5 of United States Code.
Online Employee Resources
Online resources are available to all DoDEA employees.
DoDEA Telework Program
Telework is recognized as an effective human capital management tool with a proven track record of increasing employee productivity, attracting and retaining high performers, and helping employees balance work and family obligations.
Performance Appraisal Program
The DoD Performance Appraisal System, Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP), guides the performance evaluation of most employees at the Department of Defense Education Activity.


First Day – Traveling to the Mark Center
On the day you report to duty, you will need to get to the Visitor’s Control Center at the Mark Center Building. A Human Resources Specialist will provide you with the time to be at the Mark Center; an escort will meet you at the Visitor’s Control Center.
Commuting and Transportation Services at Headquarters
DoDEA employees at Headquarters are eligible for Mark Center parking permits and the Mass Transportation Benefit Program (public transportation subsidies).
Correspondence and Action Officer Information
Every member of the DoDEA Headquarters staff, and many employees in above-school positions, serve as a staff/action officer.
General Mark Center Information
General information about janitorial services, burn bags, thermostat controls, appliances, wall decorations and amenities.
Health and Wellness at the Mark Center
The Gym at Mark Center offers affordable fitness in a beautiful facility with state-of-the-art equipment, luxurious locker rooms, and fitness experts who can help get you started. All active duty, retired, reserve military and DoD civilian employees are eligible to become members.
Inclement Weather and Status of Federal Government Agencies in the Washington DC Area
When federal agencies in the Washington, DC, area are closed, emergency and telework-ready employees required to work must follow their agency's policies, including written telework agreements
Mark Center Employee Assistance Program
As part of the DoDEA Wellness Program, the Federal Occupational Health Employee Assistant Program (EAP) is available to you and your immediate family members.