Mark Center Security and Building Access

The DoDEA Headquarters is located at the Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia.  This secure facility has specific guidelines that all personnel must follow. Additional information about the Mark Center can be found at DoDEA Intranet.

Common Access Card (CAC)

The Common Access Card (CAC) serves as the standard ID card for active-duty members of the Uniformed Services, Selected Reserve, Department of Defense civilian employees, and eligible contractor personnel. The CAC allows you access to the Mark Center building, the DoDEA suite, and the agency’s computer networks and systems.

Employees can obtain a CAC, reset the CAC PIN, or enter their CAC in the Privilege Management Program (PMP) for the Mark Center at the Mark Center Common Access Card Office on the first floor of the West Tower. For more information about the CAC, visit DoD Common Access Card (CAC) web site.

You must have two government forms of ID to receive a CAC. Walk-in service is available for PIN resets and e-mail address changes between appointment times. 

Lost or Stolen CAC

Inform the Security Management Division (SMD) at 571-372-2945 regarding your CAC. Report to suite 05G13 and request documentation for the issuance of a new CAC. Deliver the letter to the CAC office, and request a replacement CAC. 

Forgot Your CAC

Proceed to the Visitor Control Center (VCC). Tell the person at the desk that you forgot your CAC or it was lost or stolen. An alternative ID will be required to verify your identity. You will be issued a green visitor’s badge, which designates you as a visitor and does not require an escort. You will have access to the Mark Center facility but not to DoDEA suites. To enter DoDEA suites, you will need to contact someone inside using the doorbell or phone. 

Defective CAC

If your CAC does not open the revolving door at the front entrance to the Mark Center, proceed to the VCC to obtain a temporary visitor badge so you can gain access to the CAC office to resolve the issue. The VCC staff will create a temporary visitor badge so that you may gain entry to the Mark Center facilities. Return the visitor badge to the VCC prior to leaving for the day. It will be deactivated automatically by 6 p.m. If your CAC does not allow you to gain access to the DoDEA suites or operate your computer, proceed to SMD in suite 05G13 to resolve the issue.

Forgot/Lost/Stolen CAC and Drive to Work

Proceed to the visitor parking lot and press the call button at that gate. Notify the person who answers the call button that you have forgotten your CAC, or it was lost or stolen, and you need access to the visitor parking lot. At the VCC, the person at the desk can code the visitor badge to allow you into the garage you normally park (North or South garage). Retrieve your car from the visitor parking lot and park in your appropriate garage. 

Badges - Escort Authority

Escort authority is provided to DoDEA civilian employees assigned to the Mark Center.

Badges - Green Visitor Badges

Unescorted escort is authorized for personnel with a Green Visitor Badge. Visitor passes must be worn at all times while in the Mark Center and turned in when departing the building. Visitors must be pre-registered at the VCC before they arrive onsite. 

Badges - Red Visitor Badges

Visitors to the Mark Center who are foreign nationals or who do not have a DoD-issued CAC will be issued red visitor badges requiring an escort. The visitor will meet his/her sponsor in the VCC. The VCC staff will verify the identification of the visitor and confirm the escort privileges of the sponsor. After confirmation of the identification of the visitor, the VCC staff will create a visitor badge that will allow the sponsor to escort the visitor into the Mark Center.

Anyone possessing a red visitor badge must be accompanied by and escorted at all times when visiting the Mark Center. The sponsor is responsible for maintaining custody of the visitor until the visitor leaves the Mark Center grounds and returns the badge to the VCC. The visitor’s escort must associate the visitor’s badge to the escort’s CAC using the dedicated kiosk in the Visitor Control Center when picking up the visitor.

Building Access

The outside doors to the building are generally locked before 6 a.m., after 7 p.m., and on weekends. If you require entry to the building outside this time frame, ask your supervisor to provide you information on early access to the building.

911 Emergency Calls

In the event of an emergency dial 911. To dial 911 from an HQ desk phone, dial 911. Do not use the 99- prefix.

Fire Alarm/Evacuate/Relocate

Listen carefully to all announcements. You will be instructed to evacuate or relocate to another part of the building. Follow instructions of the Floor Warden and proceed to the nearest stairwell. Proceed to the South Parking Garage, Level P7. Do not re-enter the building until receiving an “All Clear.”

For More Information

For further information, see DoDEA Regulation 4900.01, DoDEA Access Control Fort Belvoir Mark Center Campus.