Department of Defense Education Activity

Correspondence and Action Officer Information

Your Role as a Staff Officer/Action Officer

Every member of the DoDEA Headquarters staff, and many employees in above-school positions, serve as a staff/action officer. To learn more about the role of Action Officer within the Department of Defense, see Executive Services Directorate website. (This course is really not for DoDEA, this course is geared towards if you were working in the pentagon and there were multiple layers to get things done.)

Correspondence Guidance

As a strategic headquarters representative for DoDEA, correspondence to our constituency is ongoing and requires your input and support. As a basis for drafting correspondence, guidance and templates are provided at (website is being created, will provide once we are up and running.)

Correspondence and Task Management System (CATMS) Guidance

Correspondence and Task Management System (CATMS) is a flexible and scalable system that allows component users to create, delegate, assign, respond, and research a knowledge repository linked with task and correspondence accurately and efficiently. By leveraging powerful template and automation workflows, tasking is streamlined which allows decisional information to be disseminated quickly. The ability to disseminate tasker information vertically and/or horizontally provides more time for users to complete action requests. 

For information about CATMS at DoDEA, and to arrange for a CATMS account, contact Ms. Lisa Ellison, 571-372-5831.

E-Mail Correspondence

When sending e-mails, include your signature block and appropriate telephone contact information.  Also, you should include the Defense Switched Network (DSN) number.

For your convenience, the prefixes for each region used in DoDEA are listed below:

Pacific: Dial 94-315-DSN Number (seven digits)

Europe: Dial 94-314-DSN Number (seven digits)

CONUS: Dial 94-312- DSN Number (seven digits)