Department of Defense Education Activity

ISS Leadership - Pacific Center for Instructional Leadership

ISS Coaching Academy
The Professional Development Specialist

The Center for Instructional Leadership (CIL) provides support for each district in multiple ways, including a team of Professional Development Specialists (PDSs) located at the region office in Okinawa. The PDS is a key member of the CIL, and designs, delivers and evaluates professional learning in all areas of instructional leadership, with a focus on supporting ISSs. The following PDSs comprise the CIL team in the Pacific region:

  • PDS (Elementary)
  • PDS (Middle School)
  • PDS (High School)
  • PDS (Special Education)

The PDS CIL team members support instructional leaders in the Pacific Region through professional learning and coaching and are primarily assigned to support ISSs with their needs. The CIL facilitates networks of ISSs across the region and provides individual coaching sessions for ISSs as requested. The PDS team offers differentiated support to ISSs to meet their specialized needs, to include establishing and facilitating regional networks, initiating the sharing of resources, and supporting the next level of implementation of the College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS). The Instructional Systems Specialists (ISSs) are an integral part of our team, providing impactful support in their areas of expertise at the school, district, and region levels. The PDS team is committed to supporting the ISSs through the following venues:

  • Coaching
  • Serving as thought partners to ISSs
  • Providing professional learning at the district level
  • Sharing support structures for focused collaboration
  • Supporting ISSs as they plan and reflect on model lessons and instructional support
  • Promoting and supporting the effective use and interpretation of data
  • Supporting a systemic approach for the fidelity of implementation of CCRS, assessments, programs and instructional practices
  • Teaming with HQ, regional, district and school leaders for the implementation and sustainment of systemic priorities through the development of professional learning

Any ISS can reach out to a PPIS or PDS for coaching and support at any time. The PDS team is here to support the four functions of the CIL, and be of support to districts and ISS teams for all of their professional learning needs.