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DoDEA Grading Information for 2019-2020

We recognize the challenges of providing equitable high-quality learning opportunities to all students via distance learning. Therefore, DoDEA teachers will continue normal grading of assignments and assessments in Q4. Once Q4 grades are calculated in courses where new content is taught, Q4 grades will be compared to Q3 grades for each course. Students will receive the higher of the two grades for each course on their Q4 report cards.

DoDEA teachers will continue to be flexible and provide opportunities for students to submit late work or redo assignments for credit.

See the FAQs below on details on grading, interim reports, calculation of grade point average, and report cards.

DoDEA Quarter 4 Grading Practices ? FAQs

1. Will students earn grades for the work they complete during this time of digital education?

Yes.  Grading of assignments are an important part of the learning process and enhance student learning by providing students meaningful feedback.  Students will continue to earn grades based on their progress on assignments and participation in their distance education classes.

2. How will teachers handle missing and/or incomplete work?

Teachers will maintain flexibility and provide students options to complete or redo assignments.  Counselors and school officials will work with students who are falling behind or not engaging in learning activities.  Any student who has attempted an assignment can receive a grade no lower than 50% on the assignment.

3. Can students’ grades increase or decrease between now and the end of the school year?

DoDEA recognizes that this situation is difficult and not all students have the same support at home for distance education.  In addition, DoDEA acknowledges that this is not a conducive learning environment for some students.  Students’ Q4 grades for each course will be calculated as they would normally be calculated and then compared to the Q3 course grades.  Students with higher Q4 grades than their Q3 grades will be given the average of the two quarters.  Students whose Q3 grades were higher than Q4 grades will receive the Q3 grades instead of the Q4 grades for each course.

4. Should teachers give final exams?

Since there is no DoDEA requirement to provide a final exam and test security may be difficult in this setting, we encourage school leaders and teachers to determine whether a final exam is the most prudent choice.  In the instances where a teacher does choose to give a final exam or project, we suggest that assessment be factored into the 4th quarter grade.  

5. How should semester grades be calculated?

Semester grades will be calculated in accordance with the guidance in question 3.  For example, if a student obtained an 80 in Q3 and a 90 in Q4, the semester grade would be an average of the two (85). If a student obtained a 90 in Q3 and a 75 in Q4, then the semester grade would be the Q3 grade (90).

6. Will students be able to turn in late work and redo assignments?

Teachers will continue to be flexible in allowing students to turn in work late when appropriate or redo assignments to demonstrate mastery

7. How will elementary teachers grade science and social studies work?

In schools where new content is being taught and science and social studies assignments are being given, students will receive a grade in these classes. If school schedules have been altered to integrate social studies and science into language arts and mathematics instruction and no specific assignments are given for science or social studies, a school may elect to provide a P or passing score for those subjects for Q4.

8. How will elementary school specials teachers grade students?

Specials teachers should continue to grade student work and provide feedback on student performance in schools where these classes are regularly occurring. If a school schedule has been altered to make specials classes optional, a score of P for passing may be recorded.

9. Can students fail courses in Q4?

Ordinarily, no. Teachers, counselors and administrators will work with students and families to ensure students have every chance to succeed in Q4. In a rare instance where a student failed Q3 and has willfully not engaged in Q4 learning, the student may fail, but only after the school has made every effort to engage the student and family by mitigating all potential barriers to success.

10. When will teachers stop assigning graded work to students?

No new assignments or assessments will be administered the last two weeks of school. That time will be for students to ensure all work is turned in and for reinforcement and enrichment activities. An exception to this may include final performance assessments or final exams if a teacher chooses to give one. Teachers who determine a final exam is still appropriate may do so one week before the last week of school. Learning activities will continue through the end of the school year.

11. Will seniors who were on track to graduate when schools closed be able to earn their diploma?

Yes, seniors who were on track to graduate when schools closed (i.e., they obtained the required number of credits and were passing required courses for graduation) will graduate. Students will not be penalized for the school closure, and those who were in good academic standing prior to the school closure will be able to graduate. Seniors will be able to increase their grades in Q4 from Q3, and those not on track to graduate will work to meet the established graduation requirements.

12. Will waivers be provided for seniors who are not on track to graduate?

DoDEA has an established waiver request process, and this should continue to be used for students eligible in accordance with DoDEA Administrative Instruction 2000.1.

13. Must interim progress reports be provided for all students?

Not necessarily. In accordance with DoDEA Administrative Instruction 1377.01, “Student Progress Reports,” students with unsatisfactory achievement of program objectives or standards will be reported to their parents. Districts or schools that, by practice, send a physical progress report to all students may amend their practice to simply keep parents of students who are struggling or not engaging informed via phone calls and emails, rather than formal progress reports. Schools will make every effort to keep parents updated on student progress during this time.

14. Will report cards be provided to students?

Yes, report cards will be provided to students for Q4. Districts may choose to send report cards electronically.

15. When will grade point averages (GPAs) be calculated?

GPAs will be calculated, normally as they are every year, at the end of Q4.

If you have any questions, please contact your principal.

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