DoDEA Pacific operates 45 schools in 3 Districts located in 2 countries, and one territory across 3 time zones. There are nearly 900,000 military connected children of all ages worldwide, of which more than 21,000 are enrolled in DoDEA Pacific schools and served by thousands of teachers and educational aides. All schools within DoDEA are fully accredited by U.S. accreditation agencies.

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School Name Community Phone Number Fax Number
Daegu MHS USAG Daegu - Camp Walker 0503-363-6108
Darby ES CFA Sasebo Schools 0956-50-8800/8837 0956-50-8804
Edgren MHS Misawa AB Schools 0176-77-4377 0176-77-4959
EJ King MHS CFA Sasebo Schools 0956-50-9757 0956-23-3622
Guam HS U.S. Naval Hospital Schools 671-344-7410/11
Humphreys Central ES USAG Humphreys Schools 050-3356-9308
Humphreys HS USAG Humphreys Schools 011-82-5033-56-9427


Name Position Phone
Administrative Assistant Administrative Secretary Administrative Assistant DSN: 652-5894
Miranda Ferguson Public Affairs Officer Pacific Region Public Affairs Officer 098-953-5657
Ronald Hill Webmaster Pacific Region Web Specialist DSN: 652-5758
Lead HR Specialist HR Chief Pacific Human Resources DSN: 652-5683
Far East Interscholastic Athletic Coordinator Athletic Director Athletics Coordinator DSN: 652-5681
Far East JROTC Programs Coordinator JROTC JROTC Programs Coordinator DSN: 652-4977
Facilities Manager Facilities Manager Facilities Division DSN: 652-5777
Force Protection Manager Force Protection Officer Force Protection Manager DSN: 652-5787
Logistics Manager Logistics Manager Logistics Division DSN: 652-5658
Safety Officer Safety Officer Safety Division DSN: 652-5894
Far East Academic Programs Coordinator Athletic Director Academic Programs Coordinator DSN: 652-5678
Registrar Registrar Education Enrollment DSN: 652-5761
Transcript Request Transcripts Education Analysis DSN: 652-5894
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