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DoDEA Announces 2017 Teacher of the Year

DoDEA Announces 2017 Teacher of the Year

Kelisa Wing is the 2017 Department of Defense Education Activity Teacher of the Year. She teaches 8th grade Language Arts and Reading to military children at Faith Middle School in Fort Benning, Georgia. Read More...

Whether you’re new to DoDEA or returning to one of our schools – the information on this page will help you learn which school your child will attend, how to enroll your children in school as well as the basics regarding school calendars, immunization requirements, transportation, student meals, curriculum and graduation requirements.

For questions about information not contained on this page, please contact the DoDEA school in your community.

About DoDEA

DoDEA is a field activity of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. It is headed by a Director who oversees all agency functions from DoDEA headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. DoDEA's schools are divided into 3 geographic areas:   Each area is managed by an area director. Within each of these three areas, schools are organized into districts headed by superintendents.

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Locations of DoDEA Schools
DoDEA's schools serve the children of military service members and Department of Defense civilian employees throughout the world. 

Eligibility Guidelines

DoDEA eligibility & enrollment policies differ between the two types of schools. The following information provides information about eligibility for the 2 types of DoDEA schools.

Immunizations Required

Students who enroll in Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools are required to meet specific immunization requirements. Parents, guardians, or sponsors should maintain their child’s immunizations in accordance with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Immunization compliance is a condition of attendance in the DoDEA system.

School Calendars

DoDEA calendars may vary by district or community. Parents should consult the school calendars for important events, non-student days, and school recesses. It is imperative that parents use the school calendar in planning family trips and other planned absences from school.



A great deal of planning and coordination is involved in operating DoDEA's worldwide student transportation system. In addition to providing daily commuting services, DoDEA also provides transportation support for students traveling to and from curricular and co-curricular activities, after-school activities and clubs, sports practices and events, and other special school events. DoDEA provides special needs students with dedicated transportation services that are supported with trained safety aides on board every school transportation vehicle.

Student Meals

To the maximum extent possible, DoDEA schools participate in available DoD Student Meal Programs. Qualified child nutrition professionals provide students with access to a variety of affordable, nutritious, and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students and accommodate religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the student body in meal planning and provides clean, safe, and pleasant settings and adequate time for students to eat.


The DoDEA instructional program provides a comprehensive prekindergarten through 12th grade curriculum that is dedicated to attaining highest student achievement for all students. 


Accreditation is the act of granting credit or recognition (especially with respect to educational institution that maintains suitable standards). Currently 100% of DoDEA schools are accredited and in good standing with their regional accrediting agency.

Special Education

In DoDEA's Community Strategic Plan, the vision statement, the mission statement and the guiding principles each embrace the notion that ALL students will be successful in our schools. Special Educators work collaboratively with general educators and share the responsibility for ensuring that students with identified disabilities will meet with success. ALL students can learn when instruction is geared to their strengths and they are given sufficient opportunity to learn.

DoDEA High School Graduation Requirements

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is dedicated to ensuring that military families receive a world-class education for their children throughout their school careers. An important aspect of that career is the high school experience. Graduation requirements are designed to prepare students for college, certificate training, and or the workforce. requirements for high school graduation

DoDEA Virtual High School

Welcome to the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Virtual High School (DVHS).  As part of our mission to provide exemplary educational programs that inspire and prepare students for success in a global environment, DVHS offers a variety of online courses to meet the academic and career-oriented goals of DoDEA eligible students.  Course offerings, including Advanced Placement courses, are designed to address all DoDEA graduation requirements.


The DoDEA Athletics Program is an integral part of the total learning experience. Participating schools work to promote the educational significance of "interscholastic" athletics.