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GradeSpeed is a web-based program that enables parents to log-in to view grade and attendance data for their student(s) in grades 4-12.  GradeSpeed is not active the first two weeks of school.


Student Agenda/Handbook

Student Agenda/Handbook


Parent-Teacher Conferences

You can find helpful information on preparing for meeting with your child's teacher on DoDEA's Parent-Teacher Conferences web page. 



The Blueprint for Continuous Improvement is DoDEA’s strategic plan for school years 2018/19 through 2023/24.  The title reflects the philosophy that drives DoDEA’s strategic direction.  A blueprint is an actionable plan that communicates and guides the work of all involved in a project.  It is flexible and can be updated as the project develops and needs change.  This is also true of our Blueprint, which serves as the foundation for all planning within DoDEA and directs our collective energies and resources as we strive to realize our vision. Further, the Blueprint will be continuously updated to reflect progress and shifts in students’ needs and the environment.


Student Resources

Student Responsibilities

Students have the responsibility for being aware of, and respecting the fundamental rights of others, and for participating in the development and observances of all applicable standards of conduct.

Student Information
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Student Antiterrorism Awareness


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