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Lejeune High School, Camp Lejeune, N.C. - Brigid DeTreux

Brigid DeTreux is a senior at Lejeune High School and is well known by all her Devilpup friends. She comes from a proud military family. She has been at Lejeune High School all four years. Brigid moved to North Carolina for the second time from New Hampshire. She believes being a dependent of the military is good for your view of the world. She has met different people from different cultures and is more accepting of others. Brigid is the senior class president and a cadet in the Junior ROTC program, currently ranked a Lieutenant Colonel. She would one day like to travel to other countries and do disaster relief or humanitarian work. Brigid is considering going into the military after attending Temple University to major in nursing. Once a Devilpup, always a Devilpup.