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13 Reasons Why Toolkit

Following the Netflix release of 13 Reasons Why in 2017, many mental health, suicide prevention, and education experts from around the world expressed a common concern about the series’ graphic content and portrayal of difficult issues facing youth. Resources and tools to address these concerns were quickly and widely disseminated in an effort to help parents, educators, clinical professionals and other adults engage in conversations with youth about the themes found in the show.

Guidance For Educators

This guidance for educators is part of a toolkit developed by an international coalition of leading experts in mental health, suicide prevention, and education that provides information related to the themes present in season 2 and what adults (educators, school-employed mental health professionals, parents, caregivers, clinicians, and youth leaders) can do to identify and help students who are concerned with or affected by the show.

Guidance For Youth

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 and 24. If you’re worried about yourself, or worried about a friend or loved one, we hear you. You matter, and there is help. First, a few things to know about suicide and self-harm or self-injurious behaviors.