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Office of DoDEA Policy

Most Recent Issuances
DoDEA AI 6055.01 - DoDEA Safety Program
This issuance establishes policy and assigns responsibilities to administer the DoDEA safety program.
DTM 17-DMEO-001 - Annual Policy Statement on Equal Employment Opportunity
Annual policy statement from the DoDEA Director and the Activity's commitment to equal employment opportunity.
Directive Type Memorandum Template
Used when issuing policy that needs to be disseminated quickly.
DoDEA AI 4500.01 - Acquisition, Management, and Use of DoDEA Non-Tactical Vehicles
Establishes policy and assigns responsibilities and provides procedures for the operation and administration of the DoDEA vehicle program.
DoDEA AI 7200.01 - DoDEA Tuition Program
Establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for the DoDEA Tuition Program.

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