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HQ Support Offices

Center for Early Dispute Resolution

CEDR (DoDEA’s Center for Early Dispute Resolution) is a neutral, confidential resource that assists DoDEA and its employees in addressing and managing conflicts and disputes

Diversity Management & Equal Opportunity

Diversity Management & Equal Opportunity

DoDEA's Procurement Division

DoDEA's Procurement Office provides expert, professional acquisition services in support of the children of military families across the globe;

HR Regional Service Center

The DoDEA Human Resources Regional Service Center has responsibility for managing the human capital programs and policies affecting the civilian employees of the Department of Defense Education Activity Schools.

Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division is responsible for all aspects of DoDEA's IT and systems implementation.

Logistics Division

The logistics infrastructure exists to support and enhance the educational process by securing and managing effectively and efficiently optimum facilities, student transportation, material, and interservice support resources: and ensuring that students gain educationally from a safe, physically secure environment.

Office of Communications

The Communications Office initiates and manages DoDEA's communications and outreach efforts worldwide. The office coordinates press relations, internal information programs and communication with students, parents, teachers, school administrators and the public.

Office of General Counsel

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Office of the General Counsel facilitates DoDEA's global educational mission by providing high quality and timely legal advice and counsel, effective advocacy, and creative problem-solving.

Office of Investigations and Internal Review

The Office of Investigations and Internal Review serves as DoDEA's control point for all Department of Defense Inspector General (DoDIG) whistleblower/hotline referrals and for all administrative investigations.

Office of Safety and Security

Welcome to the Department of Defense Education Activity Safety and Security.

Regulations, Educational Support Policy & Legislation

The Educational Support Policy and Legislation Office provides a comprehensive library of DoDEA Regulations, Administrative Instructions, Manuals, Policies, Forms, Guidance, and DoD Directives, Regulations, and Instructions.

Resource Management Division

DoDEA's Resource Management Division
Area Support Offices
DoDEA Pacific Supporting Offices
The DoDEA Pacific Area office consists of both Administrative Services and Operations & Support Services that work together to provide an outstanding education for the students of U.S. DoD military and civilian families stationed overseas.
Europe Schools Supporting Offices
Europe Schools Supporting Offices work to support the 82 schools within five districts throughout Europe. Our team serves over 35,000 school-age children of active duty military and civilian employees.

Education Offices

Applied Research

The primary mission of the Research and Evaluation Branch is to provide reliable and timely information to enable DoDEA to make strategic decisions promoting the benefit of all students.

DoDEA Curriculum

To create a world-class education system, DoDEA has developed rigorous and demanding curriculum standards. The curriculum standards specify what students should know and be able to do. DoDEA curriculum standards are based on the content standards produced by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Teachers of English/the International Reading Association, the National Research Council's National Science Education Standards and the National Council for Teachers of Social Studies.

DoDEA Student Support Services

Student Services staff members at each DoDEA school partner with parents, community, students and other educators to assist in creating an educational environment conductive of academic, personal, social and career growth of all students.

DoDEA Teaching and Learning Branch

The primary mission of the Teaching and Learning Branch is to establish a systemic plan for educational professional learning within DoDEA that aligns to DoDEA’s strategic plan and supports curriculum, instruction, assessments, and programs. The Teaching and Learning Branch is comprised of three teams:

Integrated Content and Assessment

The Assessment division provides data results for Areas, District and Schools for all of the assessments administered throughout DoDEA.
Support Offices
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Office of the Director

Doing Business with DoDEA

Office of the Chief of Staff

DoDEA Policy and Legislation (Regulations)
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