Safety and Occupational Health

Safety and Occupational Health

The Safety Division functions as the safety consultants for DoDEA. We look for potential risks in our schools & facilities and work with leadership and employees by recommending options to help keep staff and students healthy and safe.

The Safety Division has a Chief and Deputy Chief at HQ working directly for the DoDEA Chief of Staff. We have one full time Safety professional at each DSO worldwide. The District Officers are responsible for program guidance and inspections in their District.

In addition to looking for conditions that increase the risk of typical slips, trips, impacts and other injuries, we offer assistance with Safety program areas such as:

  • Ergonomics - Workspace (desk layout, etc.), lifting
  • Hazard Communication - Chemical storage, personal protection, eyewash/shower, asbestos, lead
  • Fire - Structure design and building contents
  • Electrical - Utilities & equipment
  • Thermal stress - Heat & cold exposure
  • Indoor air quality - Mold, chemical, environmental
  • Fall Protection - Ladders, lifts, roofs, scaffolds
  • Playground - Design and annual evaluation
  • Hearing Conservation - Noise exposure (equipment, band, gym, lunchroom)
  • Materials handling - Forklifts, manlifts, etc.
  • Traffic, transportation & pedestrian safety - Design, process review
  • AIRs and injury reporting - App management, review, OSHA notification
  • Nursing - Blood borne pathogens & AEDs
  • Sanitation - Housekeeping, kitchen, food safety
  • Facilities - Design review, construction, maintenance, ADA compliance
  • ... and much more! If you're not sure whether it's in our lane, just ask.

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Safety & Security Regulations

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Concussion Information

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