Ombuds and Resolution Services

Confidential, Independent, Impartial, Informal

Mediator to remove the gap of understanding between people. Compromise dispute resolution. Build bridges improve relationships. Mediation of conflicting parties. Stop conflict escalation. Win-win

Confidential, Independent, Impartial, Informal

The Ombuds and Resolution Services (OaRS) office is DoDEA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution/Conflict Management Program. OaRS is an informal, independent, confidential, and impartial means of communicating and facilitating the resolution of individual, group, and system-level concerns without fear of retaliation. Depending on the conflict, OaRS functions as a listening/sounding board for the workforce, parents, and community stakeholders. The OaRS team works to build collaboration capacity and find mutually beneficial solutions through ombuds, consultation, mediation services, conflict prevention and management skill building. 

Who We Serve

We serve student-connected stakeholders of DoDEA (e.g. employees, students, trainees, contractor workforce, etc.). Contact us if:

  • You do not know what resources are available to you and need help navigating next steps.
  • You have already been to the formal resources and do not feel like the process was fair.
  • Feel that the formal resource is too close to the situation to be impartial.
  • Want to raise an issue and not be identified as the source of the information.
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