Strategic and Organizational Excellence

Excellence. Innovation. Integration.

SOE Strategic Direction

SOE will support DoDEA as we create a culture where our plans tightly align to our strategy, progress monitoring is an everyday event, plans are executed collaboratively, and our budgets and procurements are directly connected to our strategic way forward. We will realize our vision through a continuous improvement process and customer support orientation. We are committed to working with all DoDEA partners, incorporating their feedback, and creating productive working relationships.


SOE Goals

Goal 1: Improve organizational effectiveness through comprehensive planning 

Goal 2: Support organizational accountability for achieving strategic goals

Goal 3: Support continuous improvement of organizational structures and development

Goal 4: Use process improvement and internal controls to identify and mitigate risks and challenges to the organization

Goal 5: Build DoDEA capacity to manage initiatives

Goal 6: Manage high-profile initiatives at the request of the Senior Leadership Team

SOE Purpose Statement

Integrating people, data, and strategy to meet DoDEA’s mission and prepare for our future

The Strategic and Organizational Excellence Division leads the strategic way forward for DoDEA. Each of our three branches has specific core functions and additional responsibilities implementing special projects at the request of the Senior Leadership Team.

  1. Strategic Plans & Integration Branch: Sets a clear course for the agency by bringing together planning, strategy, and execution planning for an integrated and efficient organization
  2. Organizational Performance Branch: Drives organizational excellence through progress monitoring and curating organizational design to facilitate continuous improvement
  3. Project Portfolio Management Branch: Institutionalizes organizational change and continuous improvement by integrating risk management/ internal controls, process improvement, and project management

The combined functions of SOE ensures that we can assess the organization’s readiness for change and positively influence DoDEA culture. Our work ensures that agency leadership and staff are fully aware of DoDEA’s strategy, changes to the strategic landscape, and have the tools, processes, structure, and information necessary to meet DoDEA’s Mission. 

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