Transforming DoDEA Schools

The Facilities Division has been leading the way in transforming DoDEAs schools into cutting edge 21st Century facilities that directly support and enhance how education is delivered to the children of our military families. In 2011, Facilities partnered with DoDEA Education and a team of subject matter experts from across the US and around the world to research and document the best approaches to teaching and learning in the 21st Century. In tandem, Facilities researched and documented the most ideal ways to be build spaces and deploy infrastructure to facilitate 21st Century education. Learn more about our 21st Century Education Facilities Specifications.

We have come quite far in our transformation. The chart below shows how many schools we are currently operating, as well as how many 21st Century schools are currently complete, in construction, or in design/planning: 



'The chart shows 160 schools are currently operating  as well as 30 21st Century schools are currently complete   19 are in construction   and 17 are in design/planning.'


Globally DoDEA Facilities Division maintains 600 buildings, totaling approximately 19.6M gross square feet. In addition to the operations, maintenance and repair of existing facilities, the Facilities Division is responsible for the planning, design, and construction-management of all renovations as well as all new facilities being built.


HQ Facilities

Steve Donley

Chief Facilities Division

Pacific Facilities

Michael Golonka

Chief Pacific Facilities





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