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Principal's Corner

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the air!

Many exciting learning opportunities continue to happen at Albritton Middle School, and I am happy to recognize the accomplishments of our students for their efforts so far this year. Every day students work hard on mastering the Career and College Ready Standards and strive to do their best.  Students are participating in clubs, sports, band, choir, class projects, collaborative activities, and classroom debates. I am proud of the hard work and dedication students continue to show.


This year Albritton Middle School has implemented the PBIS program.  What is PBIS?  PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.  There are three main components of PBIS.  They are teaching appropriate behavior in all settings, providing interventions when behavior expectations are met, and recognizing students when behavior expectations are met.


PBIS is a team based school-wide design for discipline which includes all students and all staff in all settings.   It is a program that can be upgraded as we go along to better meet the needs of our students.


PBIS has three core values:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. Students are expected to honor these core values in various school and school related settings including the classroom, hallways, information center, cafeteria, bathrooms, buses and school grounds.


The focus of this program is acknowledging and rewarding students for consistent positive behavior.  The Passport and tickets (please ask your student about the passport and tickets) serve as a positive behavior recognition to encourage our students to consistently demonstrate PBIS&#’;s: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe.  Teachers stamp passports at the end of class.  We ask you, the parent, to sign the passport every week because you are an important part of encouraging positive behavior.  Students may earn tickets from any school employee in recognition of any positive behavior.  Tickets may be redeemed throughout the school year for a variety of items such as food, spirit wear, gift cards, movie passes, and much more. The program does not only recognize students, but staff are acknowledged as well for noticing positive student behavior.


We have seen improvement in behavior and a more positive environment at Bs.  Thank you for your support with this program, and if you have any questions, please let me know.

I wish Albritton students continued success as they work hard to learn and grow.

Best wishes,

Dr. Albritton