Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention

Our Policy and Commitment

Our Commitment to You

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) remains committed to ensuring that no one is subject to sexual harassment of any kind in our education and training programs and activities. Everyone has the freedom to learn, work, and thrive in a safe and trusted environment.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is unwelcome words or behaviors that are sexual or sex-based in nature from students or adults (of the same gender or not) that interfere with your ability to learn, study, work, or participate in school or work activities.

The harassment can be in the form of words said or written, something visual, or some form of unwanted physical touching that is sexual or targets you for your gender. The conduct can make you feel embarrassed, sad, scared, pressured, upset, uncomfortable, humiliated, or angry, and interferes with your ability to focus on what you’re doing or to feel safe at school or work. It can happen on or off school grounds, in person or through other ways, such as by email or social media. It can range from mildly annoying comments or actions to unwanted touching and, in extreme cases, sexual activity forced upon a person without their voluntary or lawful consent, known as sexual assault, sexual violence, or rape.

Not being sufficiently protected from sexual harassment can be a form of sex discrimination prohibited by law under Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 and other antidiscrimination laws. DoDEA is dedicated to recognizing and responding to acts of sexual harassment, including gender-based harassment, in accordance with its obligations to provide a discrimination-free learning and working environment under Executive Order 13160.

Sexual harassment can be intentional or unintentional, but no matter why it happens, sexual harassment will not be tolerated in DoDEA schools or workplaces.

DoDEA Director's Message to Employees about Sexual Harassment

In DoDEA, it is our duty to ensure that our schools are a safe place for our students and employees. Sexual harassment and sexual assault are wrong. They do not reflect our core values and the kind of environments we want in our schools and office.

Our Commitment

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Commitment to Students - Not in our schools

On a case by case basis, our Principals and staff have and will continue to work locally with parents and students to identify solutions to allegations of sexual harassment that protect the privacy and due process rights of both the victim and the alleged offender, along with all involved. DoDEA will continue to provide support to any student, parent, or guardian when notified of a report of sexual harassment or misconduct of a sexual nature.

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Commitment to Employees – Not in our workplace

DoDEA is also committed to ensure that no employee is subjected to a hostile work environment on the basis of sex, including gender-based harassment. Hostile environments may be created by supervisors, administrators, co-workers, contractors, visitors, and even by students, where misconduct or other unlawful behaviors have not been adequately corrected. DoDEA employees are covered under EO 13160, but also covered under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and other laws. Employees are encouraged to contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Programs (EEOP) office to learn more about their equal employment rights.

EO 13160 Brochure

Commitment to Students - Not in our schools

Ensuring a Discrimination-free Environment

All incidents of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct within DoDEA should be reported. Any report that DoDEA has not promptly responded to, or equitably resolved, a reported incident may be the basis for a sex discrimination formal report against DoDEA, if the misconduct is so severe, persistent, or pervasive as to create a “hostile environment.” Check out DoDEA’s Civil Rights Program to learn more.

DoDEA Sexual Misconduct Policy

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