Employee of the Quarter

DoDEA Employee of the Quarter

The Department of Defense Education Activity is pleased to announce the DoDEAEmployee of the Quarter (EOQ) award program. This program is designed to recognize employees for distinguished or extraordinary service to their organization on a quarterly basis. The EOQ will receive the Director's Recognition of Excellence Award, which consists of a citation, DoDEA organizational coin, and certificate. The EOQ will also receive a photo displayed in a central location at DoDEA Headquarters DoDEA and on the DoDEA Web site.

This award is open to personnel in accordance with DoDEA AI 1432.01. The basis for the nomination is as follows:

  • Performance or service must be exceptional when measured against the position requirements and should far exceed contributions and service of others with comparable responsibilities.
  • Typical contributions of employees nominated include unusual efforts or leadership in accomplishing work; contributions to improvement in organizational efficiencies; supervisor customer service; significant contributions to the public good; or creativity and initiative in overcoming challenges and obstacles.
  • To qualify, nominees must be assigned to their DoDEA position for the entire quarter on which the nomination is based.


DoDEA AI 1432.01

DoDEA Administrative Instruction 1432.01 Incentive and Honorary Awards

Download IA 1432.01

The award approval process is as follows: Quarterly, the Incentive Awards Board will review each nomination, endorsed by a District Superintendent or Division Chief, to determine which one nomination best meets the criteria for the award and make a recommendation for the Director’s final approval.


Selectees 2024

William Bidinger was selected as DoDEA's Employee of the Quarter for the First Quarter of 2024.

Mr. William C. Bidinger

First Quarter
School Support Assistant
As the school support assistant at Netzaberg Elementary School, William Bidinger has always taken on additional duties and performed beyond the standards or expectations of his position.
David Kretz was selected as DoDEA's Employee of the Quarter for the First Quarter of 2024.

Mr. David M. Kretz

First Quarter
As a program analyst with the Europe Region Office, David Kretz's expertise spans a broad spectrum of disciplines, including logistics, manpower, and education policy.

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