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Ankara ES/HS

Get Involved

The Parent, Teacher, Student Organization (PTSO) is a volunteer organization made up of parents, teachers, students, and staff. Together, these members support school activities and enhance the students academic involvement. There is no fee to join the PTSO. We ask instead that you volunteer for at least one activity throughout the year. 

PTSO contributes to Ankara School by organizing school pictures, providing funds for various initiatives and activities not funded by DoDEA, coordinating book fairs and showing appreciation in a variety of ways to our teachers and staff. 

If you are interested in joining the Ankara School PTSO please complete the membership form and return it to the reception desk. If you have any questions please e-mail the PTSO at

What did the PTSO do this school year 2012-2013?


  • ·Participated in the US embassy "Block Party" selling baked goods and spirit wear
  • ·Sold baked goods at the "Jingle Jog"
  • ·Sponsored an "International Café" during "Reading Adventures" event
  • ·Planned"A Night of Arts" talent show and art and poetry exhibition to showcase the artistic talents of our students


Donations and Services to our Community and School

  • ·Created school phone and e-mail Directory
  • ·Organized a "Family BBQ and Picnic" event
  • ·Donated Box Top money as a fundraiser to the Junior Class
  • ·Sponsored the "Straight A Café" for students maintaining an A average for 1stsemester
  • ·Scholastic book orders
  • ·Provided snacks during Terra Nova Testing week $100
  • ·Donated money to the Student Council $200
  • ·Provided refreshments and awards to the Middle School Science Fair $150
  • ·Donated ribbons for the Elementary School Science Fair $90
  • ·Served and provided lunch to all students during Field Day
  • ·Arranged speakers and activities for International Day
  • ·Organized Teacher Appreciation Week May 6-10

Approved Fund Requests

  • ·Purchased"Brain Pop" $300
  • ·ESL materials $200
  • ·Purchased"Spirit Week" items $130
  • ·Purchased Planning Agendas for grades 4-12 for 2012-2013$480
  • ·Music Resources $300
  • ·PE Equipment $920
  • ·Cooking Club materials $100


What is SAC?
In accordance with DoD Instruction 1342.15 and USAREUR Regulation 15-21, The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a team of people representing various segments of the community-parents, teachers, students, administrators, support staff, business/ industry people and other interested community members. The main goals of the School Advisory Council are to participate in and encourage strategic planning, develop and define policy, and serve as a public relations source. The SAC operates in the policy-making process by formulating and adopting, but never enacting, policy. As the title states, the Council is advisory in nature.

Meetings: Please look at the school calendar for SAC Meeting dates. SAC meetings are open to the public. You may contact the school's principal to place an item on the agenda.

SAC Elections: Elections are held at the beginning of the school year, typically during Open House. SAC Officers are elected by the committee. The SAC president is also the representative to the Installation Advisory Committee (IAC).

School Deployment Support Information and Contact Info

Deployments, Redeployment and Permanent Change of Station are transition stages that can cause stress within the family environment. Many of you have experienced these transitions numerous times and are aware of the dynamics involved. The return or departure of the spouse alters the routines of the home bringing new adjustments and challenges. Children can be affected by these changes and problems can develop. Instability of mood, anxiety, irritability,sadness, rebelliousness and risk taking behaviors can emerge that may affect relationships and school functioning.

To a degree, it is important to view school functioning as a barometer of children adjustment. Sudden changes in behavior and/or persistent underachievement may be the way they communicate that things are not well.

At our school, we have different ways of supporting students during difficult transition times. It is critical that you share your concerns with us. Throughout the year we conduct surveys to identify students with deployed or redeployed parents. Our teachers are knowledgeable and sensitive about these issues. The guidance counselors and school psychologist can provide direct assistance or guide you to additional community resources. Our school counselors are also conducting deployment groups so that students can be of support to one another and share their concerns and common experiences. Please feel free to contact your child's counselor or school psychologist with any concerns.