How frequently does DoDEA offer physical education for Kindergarten - grade 5?
The number of times per week that physical education is offered is based on enrollment and teacher staffing.

If physical education is included in Elementary School and has a graduation requirement in the High School, what does DoDEA recommend for my middle school student?
It is highly recommended a middle school student take a minimum of a quarter (9 weeks) of physical education at each middle school grade level. Students benefit from activity during the school day that engages their bodies and invigorates their minds. Research has shown that physical activity can stimulate and improve learning in all academic classes.

Will a student transferring from stateside be required to take the three DoDEA required courses?
DoDEA will accept completed physical education credits from a transferring school as part of the agreement within the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.

Will students enrolled in the DoDEA Physical Education Program participate in a nationally recognized assessment program?
Yes, students will have the opportunity to participate in the Fitnessgram assessment and students meeting or exceeding the standards will be recognized for their achievements.

If my child is enrolled in physical education should we continue to encourage participation in physical activity outside of school?
Yes. The Center for Disease Control recommends three types of physical activity:

  • Aerobic Activity: 60 or more minutes per day
  • Muscle Strengthening: * at least 3 days per week (i.e. gymnastics, push-ups)
  • Bone Strengthening: * at least 3 days per week (i.e. jumping rope, running)
*Time spent on bone and muscle strengthening counts towards the 60 minutes of physical activity.

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