Department of Defense Education Activity

Gordon ES: Principal's Corner

June 2020

Dear Parents,

Wow! What an Extraordinary Patriot year…in more ways than one! We have had a successful year despite having challenges unlike any in our history! We just want to take a minute to say thank you to all of our Patriot families for your support of our school in both the physical building and also in our virtual classrooms. There were so many wonderful learning experiences for our children. We are eager for the next school year to begin, even though we don’t have an exact picture of what that will look like at this time. We will share any and all information as we get it over the summer and before we are scheduled to arrive back in August.

As happens most years, we will experience a couple of staffing changes in the coming year. However, be assured that we will continue to have high expectations and create rigorous, engaging lessons for all of our kiddos.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to be a part of the PTA this year, we hope that you will join this organization as we move into next year. The PTA is a great resource and support to our students. Hats off to all those who have volunteered their time and talent to the PTA!

If you and your family will be withdrawing from Gordon Elementary at the end of this school year, please contact our Registrar, Ms. Erica Saunders, for information regarding the transfer of your child(ren)’s school records.

If your child(ren) will be returning, but you haven’t yet re-registered, please contact Ms. Saunders as soon as possible. J

In order to prepare for the upcoming school year, please take a few minutes to review the following beginning of the year information and procedures.

For additional information or questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us throughout the summer.


Gordon Elementary School Summer Office Hours:

8:00 – 3:00 Monday-Friday

Phone: 910-907-1300


Principal: Dr. Lisa McGee

Assistant Principal: Ms. Gladys Blount

Administrative Officer: Ms. Laura Blood

Secretary: Ms. Tivika Coleman

Registrar: Ms. Erica Saunders




**These events are tentative due to the unknown impact that COVID-19 may continue to have on our calendar and schedules.**



The new school year begins on Monday, 24 August 2020, for students in 1st – 5th grade. Our Kindergarten students will start school on Tuesday, 25 August 2020. Parents with children who will be in Pre-Kindergarten will receive additional information regarding home visits and start days and times.


Kindergarten – 5th Students:

8:20 AM – 2:50 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8:20 AM – 1:55 PM Wednesday


Pre-Kindergarten Students:

AM Session:

8:20 AM – 10:50 AM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8:20 AM – 10:40 AM Wednesday

PM Session:

12:20 PM – 2:50 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

11:40 PM – 1:55 PM Wednesday

Office Hours: 

7:30 AM – 4:00 PM Monday through Friday


REQUESTS FOR CLASS PLACEMENT – Requests for a specific class placement will only be accepted in writing to be reviewed and approved by the administrators. Any requests for a specific classroom should only include the type of teaching style that is being requested to help your child be successful. Please refrain from requesting a specific teacher as this is most difficult to accommodate due to the need to balance classroom membership.


CLASS LISTS - Class lists will be confirmed following the registration of new students enrolling during the summer break. This year, parents will receive a back to school letter with your child’s class teacher and room number approximately one week prior to the start of school.


REQUESTS FOR A CHANGE IN CLASS PLACEMENT - As with any new experience, children must have time to acclimate to new classrooms and become familiar with new procedures and expectations before making a decision to change. Written requests for changes in class placement will only be made after a 4-week waiting period. Any special/extenuating circumstances should be addressed with the Principal by appointment.

DISMISSAL ROUTINES - If parents have a need to pick up their child prior to the end of the school day, we ask that you do that before 2:00 PM (M, T, Th, and F) and before 1:00 PM on Wednesdays.

We wish you and your family a happy and relaxing summer and look forward to welcoming your child to their new class at the start of the school year.



Dr. Lisa McGee, Principal
Ms. Gladys Blount, Principal Assistant Principal