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Hohenfels MS/HS: About Our School

Hohenfels Middle/High School first opened its doors in the fall of 1995. Prior to that time high school students went to Nurnberg. But with the closure of the Nürnberg facility it was determined that Hohenfels would have its first high school. The first student body consisted of 146 students grades 7 - 12 and the school was located in four buildings near the elementary school. As the school continued to grow the Department of Defense decided to build new facilities for the high school. The ground breaking ceremony for this facility took place on Sept 21, 2001 and construction on the ten-million-dollar facility was begun.

The keys to the new facility were turned over to principal Maureen Bellenger On Aug. 28, 2003 and the first students enter the building. The official ribbon cutting ceremony took place on Sept. 26, 2003.

In the years since its opening, the students of Hohenfels Middle /High School have achieved many great successes. Approximately 90% of graduates have gone on to attend a four- or two-year college. These graduates have annually received an average of $800 to $1,000 in individual scholarships.

The AJROTC has distinguished itself with 11 cadets receiving academy appointments and 26 cadets receiving four-year scholarships. In national recognition two cadets have won the Voice of Democracy European Contest and one cadet won the Cadet Command Essay Contest for having the best essay out of 10,000 entries nationwide. The unit has also been an "Honor Unit with Distinction" every year since the opening of the school.

The Hohenfels Fine Arts Department has witnessed the many accomplishments of alumni and current artists. In 2010, our artists were invited to the ribbon-cutting ceremony in Washington DC where their work was exhibited as part of the Department of Education & Military Child Education Coalition celebration. That same year a freshmen art student was so inspired by the Fine Arts that he took on the task of establishing a Celebration of the Arts to connect with the spouses club craft fair for his Eagle Scout project AND established the Schwartz Fine Arts Foundation which still aids in keeping the arts alive at HMHS. Also in 2010 and 2011, our artists partnered with the Deutsch-American partnership club, and their work was exhibited at the 2010 Kaiserslautern Christmas Market.

The 2012-13 school year witnessed HMHS's first chapter of the National Art Honor Society. Many of our current members and alumni have represented Hohenfels at Creative Connections and had their work published in Showcase and Illuminations on-line gallery. And in the Spring of 2013 our artists proudly exhibited their 'Life Space' Collection at the Hohenfels Health Clinic.

Fourteen band students have been invited to the All Europe Honor Band and one was selected to travel to the states and participate in a Regional Band Directors program.

In the area of science, 14 students have been selected to present their original scientific work at the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium and 2 of those 10 were selected to attend the National Symposium in the states.

In sports, Hohenfels Middle/High School has also found success. The school has had the following European Championship Teams…. 4 in Football, 3 in Rifle , 3 in track, 2 in soccer, 1 in cross country, 1 in wrestling and 1 in basketball. In addition the school has had 13 individual track champions and 10 individual wrestling champions.

This has just been a brief summary of the history and accomplishments of our school. We are proud of the past and look forward to the future.

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Hohenfels MS/HS

Grades: 6 - 12

Enrollment: 278

Teacher/Student Ratio: 8 ; 1

Computer/Student Ratio: 2.3 ;1

Hohenfels MHS Vision Statement
HMHS Tiger Paw Vision Statement 2021

Student Vision Statement

"Today a reader; tomorrow a leader."

Mascot: Tigers

Motto: "Today a reader; tomorrow a leader."

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Primary Color: #000000

Secondary Color: #5285af

Additional Color: #fffff

Hohenfels MHS Goals


  1. Literacy - By the end of SY 21-22, Hohenfels Middle High School will strengthen implementation of College and Career readiness for all students by ensuring all classrooms teaching Literacy skills reflect standards-based instruction as measured by performance on the DoDEA CCR Summative Assessment by 10% increase of students “meeting or exceeding expectations” over two years (5% increase SY 20-21 and an additional 5% increase SY 21-22). By 2022 the school average for % of students meeting or exceeding expectation will rise from 53% in 2019 to 63 % in 2022 reflecting a 5% gain in SY 20-21 and SY 21-22.
  2. Math - By the end of SY 2021-2022, DoDEA Europe East will strengthen implementation of College and Career readiness for all students by ensuring all classrooms teaching mathematics reflect standards-based instruction as measured by performance on the DoDEA CCR Summative Assessment by a 10% increase of students “meeting or exceeding expectations” over 2 years (5% increase SY 20-21 and an additional 5% SY 21-22). . The goal would be to improve the average score of HMHS for all high school math classes from 12% to 30%. 6th grade math goal would improve from 36% to 46% and 8th grade Algebra from 56% to 66% by SY 21-22.

Hohenfels MS/HS

School Address
Hohenfels Middle High School
Unit 28214
APO, AE 09173-0005
Phone: 06111-43-545-2194
Fax: 09472-83-3161
DSN Phone: 314-545-2194
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