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Welcome to Humphreys High School

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The faculty and staff at our school are dedicated to providing students a first-rate education in a safe and secure learning environment, where an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation is present among faculty, staff, students, and parents. Humphreys High School comprises grades 9 through 12 with approximately 600 students and a faculty and staff of 50 educators. The school provides a general education curriculum much like any public high school in the United States, with college preparatory courses and various electives.

Course List

An outline of available classes will help incoming students choose a schedule that matches their needs and interests. Please understand that some advertised courses may not be available due to time or student number constraints.

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Humphreys HS

Grades: 9 - 12

Enrollment: 715

Our Mission:

HHS will support, encourage, and educate students for the dynamic challenges they will face in college, careers and life.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of HHS is to encourage strong, positive connections as we grow in our capacity as life-long learners, to empower students to gain academic and career skills, and to build self-knowledge toward achieving independence.

Mascot: Blackhawks

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Humphreys HS Colors

Primary Color: #000000

Secondary Color: #B7A859

Our Goal:

By the end of the 1st semester of SY 2022/2023, at least 80% of HHS students will meet or exceed the benchmark for evidence based reading and writing as measured by the 2022 PSAT.

Intervention Strategy: Reading for Meaning

District Goal:

The Pacific West will actively engage students in the mastery of College & Career Ready Standards.

Goal Objective 1: Differentiated Instruction
Goal Objective 2: Students Monitoring Their Own Progress
Goal Objective 3: Inquiry Based Learning

Humphreys HS

School Address
Unit 15797 BLDG. 7097
USAG Humphreys
APO, AP 96271-5797
South Korea
Phone: 011-82-5033-56-9427
DSN Phone: 756-9427